General Rules

As a player of PAdventures, you are responsible for knowing all the rules as they pertain to ingame and this forum. Rules may change without notice. It is vital that you keep yourself updated on all rules and check them regularly.

1. Your In-Game Account(s)* and Web Account(s)
With the best of our ability and access, we will fully help you with your In-Game and Web Account(s), but if for any reason your account information is compromised due to sharing of information with any source, PAdventures will not be responsible for the items related to that account (this includes but not limited to: items, characters, guilds).

Note: PAdventures Staff will not get involved with in-game trades such as sale of items based on staff requests.

2. Creating Account/Player names:
When creating an account/character name(s) the following must be considered:

~ Current Staff (no GM impersonation ~ bannable offense)
~ Objectionable Language (racist, profanity, derogatory, sexual content)
~ Non-sense random letters names
~ no more letters than 3 next to each other should be used. (e.g Hooola, Fiiiire)

Players with names that have been created and that are deemed inappropriate will be removed or name-locked without any previous notice by a PAdventures Staff member.

3. Your In-Game Password
Your password is designed to be private. PAdventures Staff will never ask for your account name and passsword. Should you give out your password to anybody (such as: phishing sites, friends, gf/bf,family members), PAdventures online will not be held responsible for any unwarranted actions that may occur on your account, such as the deletion of characters, or if items are stolen. We will not restore items.

4. Account Sharing/Trading/Sale
You are not allowed to trade, neither sell your account or your player for any form of value (PA Items Included). Players related to this action will be severely punished. You should not share your account with others, as there is always the probability of account hacking and theft of items.
Staff members must not ever do account sharing of their characters and forum account in power.

5. Illegal Trade & Illegal Trade Advertising
Sales and purchases of in-game items for other things that are not in-game(ex. SMS, real life money, other game stuff, etc) is strictly forbidden, aswell as its advertising. Players related to this action will be severely punished with Banishment or Permanent banishment (Deletion).

6. Game Master/Administrator Impersonation
The impersonation of any Game Master will result in a permanent banishment (Deletion). To avoid having a similar name to a staff member, and therefore getting accused of impersonation please check the staff list before making a character. Also, please note that impersonation is not limited to having a similar name to a member of In-Game staff, but also involves PM'ing users In-Game claiming that you are a member of staff.

To avoid Game Master impersonation, please educate yourself on who the current staff are, and make sure that they are who you are talking to In-Game.
Please also remember that a Game Master will never ask for your personal details (account information), and won't ask for an item in exchange for anything else on their Game Master character. Game Master will also speak in a professional manner In-Game, and not use any form of slang.

7. Staff Tooling
Claiming to know a Staff Member In-Game, and using them to gain an edge in an argument (i.e. I know... And he'll/she'll ban you) is Staff Tooling, and will be dealt with a permanent ban. If you do know a Game Master, then you should know that they won't ban without a very good reason, and indeed will not take sides when involved in a player dispute.

8. Disrespect towards Staff Members
Severe disrespect towards a staff member may result in forced disconnection, mute or banishment, or permanent banishment (Deletion), depending on how serious the disrespect is. Remember that the staff are volunteering their time and efforts to help make PAdventures a better place for you. Respect their authority, as they have been given it for a reason. Should you have any problem with the way a member of staff is treating you, please do not show them disrespect, rather report them as appropriate. Please contact Koob, Alba, Jano or Nino (Administrators).

9. Restoration of Items:
Staff members will not restore items lost in trades, mail system, scams, bugs, account sharing, accidentally trashing, selling to NPC, hacking, rollbacks*, or any other reason. Your items are your responsibility. Please take extreme caution when working with your items.

* Includes looted items, quests items, does not include Kanto and Johto Pokemon caught since there is autosave.

Hint: If you have gained or sold an item or pokemon that you feel is with worth keeping or you gained levels, be sure to relog and save it to the memory (cache).

10. Kill Stealing (KS)
This is not a bannable offense unless it gets to the point of harassment (see rules under harassment). If no Game Masters are available you may document your harassment and post in the Staff Support section. Screen shots are needed that includes: having the KSer follow, etc. You must report this to a GM. Be descriptive of what happened in the incident.

11. Spam
Any spam In-Game (i.e. repeatedly saying the same thing in general, shout, party, private chat, guildwar repetitive) Max is 6/7 lines/min. Spammers will be punished with a warning, mute and possible notation, Banishment, or Permanent Banishment (Deletion), regardless of whether it is hot keyed or not. If it is a first offense, you will be warned to stop spamming the chat. If you do not respond or you repeat the offense, you will be muted for one hour. Please be aware that if your character has been muted, the timer will only count down when the offending character is online. Websites or advertisements is an immediate ban.
Read this addendum of Public Channels rules:

12. Scams
PAdventures Online Staff will not be accountable for any lost items or cash due to scamming activity. It is the responsibility of the buyer/seller to verify all transactions before finalization. This includes, but not limited to: trades, selling of accounts, and mail fraud.
We will only take action against Players who have made "Trades Scams"(checking trade logs) at their Second Thread Report*, if there are enough proofs (Trade Logs) to found the Player guilty, the Staff will take actions such Banishment or Permanent Deletion, depending on each case.
* Thread Reports made of two different players at Feedback&Support at least in a month.
Note: The Staff will not retrieve, under any circumstance, any of the Pokemons/Items lost at such Scams.

13. Harassment
Harassment can come in many forms, and all will result in a ban. Depending on how serious the offense is, the ban length may differ but it will usually be a permanent ban. If you are being harassed by any user or staff member, please provide evidence (in the form of a screenshot or video) to a Game Master, who will deal with it accordingly.

Methods of harassment may include:

- Being followed server to server for purposes such as stealing spawns or verbally insulting in general chat.
- Verbally Repeatedly PM'ing or whispering someone In-Game with threats or insults.

Harassment is not limited to just this, and any form of harassment will be dealt with very seriously.

14. Hacking/Bug Exploitation/Third-Party
Using any form of third-party software/hardware (bot, macro, etc.), or exploiting any server related glitch to get an advantage over other players will result in an immediate Banishment or Permanent Banishment (Deletion). This will result in a Banishment or Permanent Banishment (Deletion), with no questions asked. Using phishing sites and or applications to obtain server wide or individual account information is completely forbidden, and if ever found expect to be MAC banned forever.

15. Multiclient (MC)
For normal players, multiclienting is considered as cheating. A player found doing this might be punished with a banishment or a deletion, depending on the grade of use.

16. Donations
Donation rewards are a privilege, not a right. The PAdventures Staff reserves the right to deny, refund, or keep your Premium Account. When donating you're awarded a thank you gift for your contributions to our servers. If, for any reason, you contribution is refunded, withheld, or back charged, your accounts will be frozen and/or terminated 'till further notice. By donating you fully understand their are no refunds given for any reason.

17. Ban Appeals
Appealing an in-game ban:

Before posting a ban appeal please refresh yourself on the in-game rules listed above
If you would like to appeal a in-game ban please post it within the Staff Support

When a character is banned the whole account is banned including any other characters on it if
you were not notified ingame prior to the ban an do not know the reason please name all of the
characters within the account that was banned. The account login password are not needed and
never give them out including to staff.

What to post in a Ban Appeal:
Thread Title: Ban Appeal : [ Character Name ][other characters on that same account]

Character Name:
Reason given for Ban:
Date of ban or date you noticed the ban:

Ban appeal: [Your side or explanation of what happened, provide screenshots if you have any]

Please remember to remain calm an explain your side of the story, there is no reason for insults
or accusation just explain Who | What | Where | When, the ban occurred so we may discuss the
situation. Only the Head Community Manager (Koob, Alba, Jano, or Nino) and owners will lift in game bans following a
review of all evidence. Ban appeals are not to be discussed in the general forum.

You always have a right to appeal a ban.

When to submit a ban appeal for review (this does not guarantee the ban will be lifted):
Objectionable name (not including GM impersonation): 2 weeks
GM Impersonation (similiar name, disrespect): 4 weeks
GM Impersonation (staff tooling, phishing sites) 8 weeks
Hacking or Bug Exploitation: Permanent

Public Channels Rules


Spamming with racist statements will lead to account Banishment/Permanent Banishments (deletions), depending on the grade of the offenses.


1. It is forbidden to spam - Try to use "space" button more often than "enter". Using more than 5 lines may result in warning or mute.
2. It is forbidden to use capslock constantly. Uppercase letters are equivalent to yell and, therefore, are considered a lack of respect for other players.
* First time you will receive verbal warning
* Second time you will receive mute for 5 minutes
* Third time you will receive mute for 30 minutes
* doing it continously you will receive mute for 30 minutes - 24 hours
3. It is forbidden to send trade messages direct or indirect way (Trade insinuation), even if they are trade section forum links.
* First time you will receive mute for 30 minutes
* Second time you will receive mute for 1 hour
* Third time you will receive mute for 24 hours
* Doing it continously you may receive notation
* Sending offer on every chat at the same time = notation
4. Racism is strictly forbidden and will always result in notation or banishment
5. It is forbidden to use sexually/drugs related words (that applies also to words of double meaning).
* First time warning
* Second time mute for 30minutes up to 1,5 hour
* Doing it continously will result in notation or banishment
6. It is forbidden to behave in inappropriate, generally objectionable way. That means insulting, harrasing, sending objectionable symbols and provoking* are forbidden. It may result into:
* Mute for minimum 30 minutes up 1,5 hour
* Doing it continously will result in mute for few days, notation, banishment less often in deletion, depending of how serious and how often rule was broken.
7. It is forbidden to advertise online game servers (pokemon, naruto, digimon etc) This is considered illegal advertising and will be punished with a ban or deletion.
8. It is forbidden to send Guild Recruitment messages. Breaking this rule will always result in mute.
9. It is forbidden to send hack/porn/another bad links. (that applies to links that are intended to offend other player or staff member, social networking profile links) It will always result in notation ban or deletion.
10. It is forbidden to incite rule violation. (for example telling other players to break x rule)
11. It is forbidden to use foreign language. If channel is called "spanish chat" that means you have to talk in spanish there. That applies to every national channels. The only exception when you can use different language is to let other player know what language he has to use in case of breaking this rule.
* First and second time = warning
* doing it continously will result in mute or notation
12. It is forbidden to use vulgar words constantly. We are not on the street of patologic people.
* doing it continously will result in mute.

*provoking - It counts when some ammount of channel users are being provoked (3+) for example with religion,war, nazism, others subjects (decided by tutors, after verbal warning) subject

* Keep in mind that if you are often breaking rules, you might be punished with a permanent mute


In this channel, feel free to ask questions concerning client controls, general game play, use of accounts and the official homepage.
In-depth questions about the content of the game will not be answered.
Any kind of spoil (info about quests, items, locations, prices, etc.) or chat is not allowed.
As well as the above chats, capslock is not allowed.
Remember that only English is allowed in help channel.
Remember do not send any link that is not the Official Website/forum on help channel.


It is forbidden to offend/accuse any player. (Examples: Player X[50]: Sell Hypno - Mang THIEF. / Player X[50]: Sell Leaf Stone - Mang go to hell). Since its a public channel, may be warned with a notation or a ban.
It is forbidden the sale of Pokemon/item that does not exist in the game even if it doenst exist in the currents worlds Diamond/Platinum
It is forbidden the sale of accounts. Account trading and its advertising will be punished with deletion.
It is forbidden to change items from another game for items in Padventures and vice versa. This is considered illegal advertising and will be punished with a ban, and at 2nd time with a deletion in most cases.
It is forbidden to send links in trade channel, unless they are sent by a staff member(for helping purposes), or lottery forum link by any player.
Remember that only English is allowed in trade channel (Only "Guild Recruitments" or "Important Communications" can be done in another language).

The player who disobey the rules mentioned above may receive a verbal warning, get muted, notated, banished or deleted without notice.

These rules can be changed at any time, and apply differently at each case.