Game Interface

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Firstly, you have to download the client.

You can download it HERE.

1 - How to create an account
2 - First login
3 - Client configuration and in-game client.
4 - Fishing Rod
5 - Order
6 - Pokedex
7 - NPCs
8 - Outfits
9 - Chats
10 - More Helping Links

1 - How to create an account

Create your account with your basic information HERE.

Account: It will be your login, needed to log into the game.
Email: Write a valid email adress, will be needed if you lose your account
Password: Your password, needed to login into the game. Then, write it again in the "Repeat".
Referrer: If you have friend, you can write here his nickname.

Character Name: Your name of new character.
Sex: Here decide if your character is going to be male or female.
World: Select on which server you want to play, at the moment we have 2 servers: Diamond and Platinum.
City: Select in which city you want to start your adventure
Pokemon: That's your first pokemon! Choose which one you want to own.

2 - First login

After instalation of client, comes time for your first login.

Account name: Here write your login.
Password: Here write your password.
Not necessary options
Remember password: After checking this option, you won't have to write your login and password for every try to log in game.
Auto login: After checking this option, you won't click 'Ok' for try to log in game.
Use proxy server After checking this option, you will be able to choose proxy server. Use proxy which is the most comfortable (and the closest) for you.
Login without 'account name' and 'password' will send you to TV, where players can cast their show!

3 - Client configuration and in-game client

1. Logout
2. Options
3. Audio on/off
4. Window with your characters (ctrl+G)
5. Message of the day
6. Option to set your moves.
7. List of quests which you have started or you have done.

1. Auto Loot on/off.
2. Window with informations about health and experience of you and your pokemon.
3. Window with your pokemons which you have with yourself.
4. Informations about your character (ctrl+S).
5. Your VIP List (ctrl+P).
6. Battle window (ctrl+B).
7. Minimap (ctrl+M).
8. PIN which you can set to be safer.
9. Battle mode.
10. A place where you can buy/sell pokemons.
11. A place where you can buy/sell items.
12. Badgets which you received from GYM's leaders.

Here you can set basic things, change audio, language, messages in console ('Server Log'), graphics.

You should also set your hotkeys. Click on Hotkey's icon (or Ctrl+K) for it. All moves are m1-m10 and tm1, tm2 (if you pokemon has any TM). If you dont's want to spam hotkeys in private messages, you can put '#s' to avoid hotkeys there.

4 - Fishing rods

You can start fishing even at 10 lvl! Click on the icon with rod to open your rods.

You will notice new window with Rods. At start you have only 'Old Rod'.

To get better rods you have to do missions.

To start fishing, you need to click right click (if you use 'Classic Control', unless you use it, you need hold 'ctrl' for a while) on your rod, and use it on the water.
All regions and rods has different pokemons to fish!

5 - Order

You can use 'order' to move your pokemon.

Also it can be used as'rope'.

6. Pokedex

You can also check, which pokemons you've met. Use 'dex' on every pokemon!

You will be able to check it later.

7 - NPCs

You can battle, take missions, trade with NPCs!
Write 'hi' to discover more.
Also NPC Nurse Joy can heal you and your pokemons!

8 - Outfits

You can also change your outfit! Choose 'outfit' option for it!

9 - Chats

If you are bored, want to meet new people, sell/buy pokemons, or just need help, click on icon (or click ctrl+O) to open window with available channels.

10 - More Helping Links