Houses can now be bought by free (no premium) players.
- Minimum level required is still 30.
- Free players have to pay 30% in taxes of the original cost for the purchase and rent of the house.
- Big houses (more than 120 house tiles) require you to have a premium account.
- Free players that have not logged in at least 7 days lose their current house.
- Rent period is still weekly.
- Community Managers reserve their right to remove empty or unused houses of free players.
Teleport command has a new parameter to teleport you to your guildhall (t guild).
Default behavior of Guildhalls
Guild Leaders are house owners
Guild Vice Leaders are house guests
The rest of guild members are not invited
Shiny Pokémon have the double of their possibility to spawn.
Fishing rods now allow you to fish water-type Shiny Pokémon.
One house to the north from Cerulean has been revamped
A Guild house to the north from Cerulean has been added - auction for it will be available soon

Some respawns have been slightly improved (especially spawns on 100+ such as water, psychic, rock, ice, fire), private fire island, goldenrod respawn above miltanks etc.

Players with banishment or deletion lose the right to buy or sell anything from markets.
Black Friday has been now enabled on our web, ingame and Juanito shops.
It will expire on Saturday 25, 12PM GMT-4.

!points command as well as diamonds counting as points on Platinum won't work during this offer time
Several catch rates have been boosted.
Hippopotas, Hippowdon, Shellos and Gastrodon autoloot has been fixed
From now on till november you can loot pumpkin tokens, which you can exchange with npc Buffy for: outfits, house decorations, bags and lockers.

following pokemons drop pumpkin tokens:
gastly, bulbasaur, pumkaboo, litwick, shuppet, duskull, poochyena, purrloin, murkrow, pawniard, seedot, cacnea, stunky, ivysaur, oddish, gloom (max 1)

mightyena, absol, liepard, zorua, sneasel, deino, zweilous, cacturne, skuntank
nuzleaf, liepard, haunter, lampent, banette, dusclops, misdreavus, vileplume (max 2)

venusaur, gengar (smaller chance than others), sableye, spiritomb, chandelure, gourgeist, shiftry, gliscor, honchkrow, tyranitar, bisharp, drifblim, mismagius, dusknoir, cofagrigus (max 3)
Added Illusion ability for Zoroark.
USA proxy should work properly now.