- Reduced amount of Torchics on the map
- Removed Lycanroc Dust & Day forms from Hau'oli's rock spawn & extended amount of night forms
- Added Lycanroc Dust & Day forms to Poni Island & Pokemon Paradise Island (that should help doing alolan tasks)
- Added more Fomantis on the map
- Added more Dartrix & Trumbeak on the map
- Added more Decidueyes on them ap
- Added few Alolan Marowaks on Poni Island
- Added a chest-quest somewhere on the map
It is now not possible for Shiny Tropius and Shiny Torkoal to spawn.

It is now possible for Shiny Psyduck and Shiny Torchic to spawn for a limited time.

Keep in mind that some pokemons might had also received changes in dmg/cd/hp




Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Marowak

Alolan Golem

Alolan Dugtrio







Mega Lopunny

Tapu Lele

-Replaced Quiver Dance with Deadly Scythes

- Replaced Stealth Rock with Rock Swipe
- Clear Smog with Toxic Thread

- Earthquake, Electric Terrain, Stealth Rock, Tremor, Chatter, Grassy Terrain, Incinerate, Misty Terrain, Psychic Terrain, Quiver Dance are now faster
- Stunning Confusion is now moved to golduck passive and it does 8 hits where last 2 apply a short stun
- Mind Blown will now always hit twice

Aoe stun that also applies burn

Spectral Thief now hits only once and also deals damage in area like water spout

Works like shiny stantler's Red Nose

a 5x5 aoe

a fighting type pull but the pull is smaller than water tornado

Fairy type imprison

a 5x5 aoe that also applies same effect as Rototiller

a 5x5 aoe
The following outfits are now available in the premium shop:

- Asuma Sarutobi
- Choji Akimichi
- Hinata Hyuga
- Ino Yamanaka
- Kurenai Yuhi
- Might Guy
- Naruto Uzumaki
- Neji Hyuga
- Rock Lee
- Sakura Haruno
- Sasuke Uchiha
- Shikamaru Nara
- Shino Aburame
- Shizune
- Tenten

The following items will be available during April in the premium shop:

- Applin pie
- Dedenne dessert
- Piece of Cherry cake
- Alcremie dessert
- Slurpuff icecream
- Piece of Apple cake
- Quince Cake
- Blueberry Cake
- Fixed a bug that would cause final room of golden tower to hit the whole room.
- Golden tower coin can now be used after spending only 2 attempts. (before required to use all 3 attempts)
- 1 new achievements have been added.
- 10 new Zygarde cells are now available:

- 1 Zygarde cell can be obtained by achievements.
- 4 Zygarde cell can be obtained by NPCs.
- 5 Zygarde cell can be obtained by other method.

There are now 100 Zygarde cells obtainable in total, no more cells will be added.
- 8 new achievements have been added.
- The cell for completing the achievement "Adventurer Club Akala" is now shown correctly in questlog.
- 39 new Zygarde cells are now available:

- 15 Zygarde cells can be found around the world.
- 11 Zygarde cells can be found around the world after finding the corresponding secret map.
- 7 Zygarde cell can be obtained by achievements.
- 5 Zygarde cell can be obtained by NPCs.
- 1 Zygarde cell can be obtained by other method.

There are now 90 Zygarde cells obtainable in total, last 10 cells will be avaliable shortly.
- Added Spawn of Shiny Salamence (it spawns only in one certain place on Alola)
- Added New spawns for 295-310 levels
- Added spawn of Melmetal
- Added Dwebble, Sizzlipede on the map
- Shiny Pikachu spawns exclusively on new electric resp and only there
- Added Centiskorch to the map
- Added Morpeko to the map
- Added Crustle to the map

101765 3125 22232020516
- Added new steel respawn for level 305 (might change)
- Added Nickit & Thievul to respawns
- Added Heliolisk and Helioptile to respawns
- Created Small Copperajah Respawn
- Created Small Corviknight family respawns
- Entrance to new poison respawn has been moved to another place, respawn has been slightly extended
- Added Skovet & Greedent Respawns

more to come
The following held items are now working:

- Mega Candy
- Binding Band
- Wide Lens
- Zoom Lens
- Guard Spec
- X-Special Defense
- Covert Cloak
- Loaded Dice
- Sticky Barb
- Booster Energy
- Bersersk Glove
- Cooldown Urge
- Sandy Incense
- Roto Harvest
- Roto Mining
- Heavy-duty Boots

You can check their effect here: https://www.padventures.org/index.php/p/v/helditems
New poison spawn will be added after next restart. One doesn't have any level requirements and it is located on Alola. You can find there Trubbish and Garbodor.
Another one is for level 265, but might change to lower or to higher, it is located on Kanto.

More new spawns with pokemons from past events will be added within next days.