Rebalance for Pideot/Cloned Pidgeot and Hitmonchan has been applied
We will continue doing that in this day.
Foresight now removes the Ghost type's immunity to Fighting-type and Normal-type moves temporarily.

New useless command !kappa available.

Galvantula can now use ride.

Cotton Ball can now be bought by Armando. Old cotton balls can be converted to new one by clicking it.

New "Namekian" and "JoJo" addons available.
New dragon respawn has been added in johto region - this respawn is intended for low level dragon/ice pokemons and generally lower level of players, so don't expect a pg island.

Some weepinbells have been added on kanto region. We'll be improving low lvl spawns during this month.
- New Pokemon addons have been added to the designer workshop, they are also avaliable in addon bag.
- A new outfit have been added to the designer workshop.
Around 17 new sound effects were added. Mrs. Claus sells christmas decorations and outfit in Celadon Mall for limited time.
- Added a new quest line to get access to Rampardos spawn and eventually get Cranidos.

NPC Tom Hoppus, is now avaliable to exchange boss tokens.

He has only 1 reward type for now, you are more than welcome to suggest more.
Npc Buffy is selling Halloween Furnitures. You can find her in Celadon Mall.
There is one more book that can be found.
There are 7 books hidden around. Check the bookshelves, you may find there something interesting.
Are these books needed for anything?
You will realize it soon ;-)