- Added command "!charms" to enable/disable used charms message.
- Fixed few visual bugs in charms system.
- Created a new premium item "charm unlocker": unlocks a tier 3 charm of level 3 at player choice for a Pokemon. (can be traded ingame)
- Added missing Pokemons to charm task system, if there is still some Pokemon missing that we forgot request it in forum.
- Increased maximum simultaneous charm tasks to 4.
- The following Pokemons will be treated as a family in task/charm system: burmy, wormadam, oricorio, lycanroc, combee.
- TMs can now be removed freely from Sawsbuck (all forms) regardless of restrictions, with npc Edward.
- Created TM tasks for TMs 157-201.
- TM176 and TM177 won't be included in TM task system.
Added the following TMS to loots

Drifblim drops TM157 Defog
Kingdra drops TM158 Water Tornado
Solrock drops TM159 Wonder Room
Gastrodon drops TM160 Mud Sport
Magmortar drops TM 161 Magma Storm
Claydol drops TM162 Tectonic Dance
Linoone drops TM163 Fury Swipes
Galvantula drops TM164 Steamroller
Glaceon drops TM165 Mist
Garchomp drops TM166 Dragon Cry
Infernape drops TM167 Burn Up
Sableye drops TM168 Dream Catcher
Spiritomb drops TM171 Spiritual Storm
Whimsicott drops TM169 Fairy Dreams
Alolan Marowak drops TM170 Ghost Drive
Parasect drops TM172 Grass Knot
Togekiss drops TM173 Geomancy
Bastiodon drops TM174 Shift Gear
Granbull drops TM175 Light of Ruin
Poliwrath drops TM178 Final Gambit
Alolan Raticate drops TM179 Embargo
Delphox drops TM180 Sizzly Slide
Ninjask drops TM181 Spin Out
Torterra drops TM182 Leaf Storm
Chesnaught drops TM183 Leaf Tornado
Jellicent drops TM184 Spite
Lunatone drops TM185 Stone Edge
Gallade drops TM186 Close Combat
Fan Rotom drops TM187 Sky drops
Salazzle drops TM188 Flame Charge
Empoleon drops TM189 Metallic Noise
Delibird drops TM190 Freeze Dry
Zebstrika drops TM191 Electric Terrain
Girafarig drops TM192 Trick Room
Drapion drops TM193 Foul Play
Bisharp drops TM194 Mean Look
Swellow drops TM196 Brave Bird
Heat Rotom drops TM195 Lava Pulse
Zangoose drops TM197 Selfheal
Swalot drops TM198 Toxic drops
Nidoqueen drops TM 125 Venoshock
Snorlax drops TM199 Metronome
Mr Mime drops TM200 Mimic
Crabominable drops TM201 Submission

- Boosted Pokemon won't change between resets during the day anymore, it will only change at 00:00 server time.
- Created TM tasks for TMs 106-156, missing TMs will be added during the next days.
- Created a premium item/service to reset the character linked to TM task system, this item can also be obtained in game by trading with other players.
- Fixed go command for surf (aka navigation arrows)
- Fixed moves: False swipe, Wish. These got bugged during last restart.
- Fixed spawn timers that got bugged during last restart, you may notice some Pokemon spawn slightly faster now.
- Sawsbuck and Deerling will now change automatically according to season changes.
- Pokemon abilities can now be reseted up to 3 times, market and ball description will display this information.
Added command "!channels" to set your favorite channels, your favorite channels will open every time you login.
False Swipe is now working against pokemon who have special names for example Oricorio
All of the pokemon with prot/refl + baton pass will have a block to use it for 2nd time after baton pass