- Charms now work correctly in stronger variants of Pokemon as long as their name is the same as the original charm. (example: Flying Pokemon spawn level 275)
Power Plant near Lavender has been revamped. Higher floors are accessible only by premium. Lower ones are still for free of course
- Is not possible to push other players into the pvp square anymore.
- Maximum allowed zoom reduced by 3 levels. (compared to previous updated)
- Sprite update in preparation for incoming event.
Small information for those that have Castform access key. It's respawn is already available on the map.
- Is now possible to use Pokeballs and other items at maximum vision range, order item IS STILL limited in range.
- Blink and dark portal now have a limit of maximum distance to teleport.
- Keep in mind that if your Pokemon is too far from you, you can take damage and even die from wild Pokemon.
- Improved the different view modes. ( control + . ) [ctrl key + dot]
- Is now possible to zoom out to see more squares. ( control + - ) [ctrl key + hyphen]
- Is now possible to zoom in to see less squares. ( control + , ) [ctrl key + comma]

- View mode and zoom levels are preserved during logins and client restarts.
- Keep in mind that there is a limit for how far you can zoom out.
- Keep in mind that there is a limit for how far your Pokemon can attack/target.
- Keep in mind that there is a limit for how far you can use order item/other items.
- Enabling and disabling battle mode is now instant and doesn't block player movement.
- Switching between Pokemon and player view when using battle mode is now instant.
Added the following item to premium shop:

- past events addon bag

Contain addon items from past events. (one, can be selected)

Halloween 2020 addon ticket
Summer addon ticket
Valentine 2021 addon ticket
Easter addon ticket (2020)
Halloween 2019 addon ticket
Halloween 2018 ticket
Summer addon ticket (2021)
Ghost Key
Added the following items to premium shop:

- 1x Golden tower coin
- 4x Golden tower coin
- 10x Golden tower coin
Summoner outfit is now available in outfit bag.
Destiny bond like skills now work properly when pokemons are stacked on the same tile