With next restart

Fearow will have 24k hp
Catch of Axew, Doublade, Aegislash will work (but im pretty sure that you will have to catch it again)
Tirtouga should not be catchable more than once (aka found what could cause it to bug)

These pokemons will receive npc prices:
Tirtouga = 1k
Carrosta = 3k
Doublade = 2k
Aegislash = 10k
Flabébé = 100 hd
Floette = 500 hd
Florges = 3k
Hawlucha = 4k
Dedenne = 2k
Fletchling = 50 hd
Fletchinder = 200 hd
Talonflame = 3,5k
Swirlix = 200 hd
Slurpuff = 2k
Gothita = 15 hd
Gothorita = 300hd
Gothitelle = 2,5k
Kecleon = 4,5k
Pancham = 200 hd
Pangoro = 2k
Vullaby= 200 hd
Mandibuzz = 1k
Phantump = 500 hd
Trevenant = 2k
Noibat = 1k
Noivern = 2.5k
Drifloon = 50 hd
Axex = 1k
Goomy = 1k
Sliggoo= 1,5k
Goodra = 3k
Alolan Sandshrew = 200 hd
Alolan vulpix = 200 hd
Alolan Raticate = 100 hd
Alolan Diglett = 5 hd
Alolan Dugtrio = 300 hd
Gumshoos = 500 hd
Diggersby = 1k
Chesnaught = 4.5k
Delphox = 4.5k
Braixen = 300hd
Quilladin = 300 hd
Fennekin = 50 hd
Chespin = 50 hd
Leafeon = Glaceon = Sylveon (umbreon/espeon price) 5 ten thousand dollars

Cloned Primeape = 55k
Cloned Weezing = 55k
Cloned dodrio = 7k
Cloned Victrebeel = 60k
Cloned Wigglytuff = 10k
Cloned Rhydon = 150k
Cloned Magmar = 150k
- Command "!timers" now shows rate bosters duration.
- New command "!rates" to see your own rates.
- Amulet coin now affects the drop rate of cards, fossils and mini boss/megas loot.
- Loot rate boosters now affects the drop rate of cards, fossils and mini boss/megas loot.
- The SMTP service (recovery emails) has been fixed, recovery emails will be sent from padventures.info, this is our domain too.
Already added:
Alolan Marowak have Lightning Rod ability
Honedge, Doublade have No Guard ability
Vivillons have Friend Guard ability

After restart:

Bibarel, Araquanid will receive surf and dive

(maybe, depends on Jano)
Alolan raichu might receive fly from air ballon held
Cloned Tyranitar, Whimsicott, Blissey, Lapras, Claydol, Steelix, Hitmonchan, Probopass, Togekiss might receive same addons as their normal forms
Added on map;
Cloned Scizor
Cloned Hitmontop

you can catch them using epic balls.
- Fixed a bug that caused wild Pokemon not to respawn after using Telephathy on them.
- Pikachu costume can now be obtained in premium shop.
Reworked amulet coin:

- It doesn't require the Pokemon holding it to be released in order to work anymore.
- Now triggers an additional loot generation.
- Adds +100% loot rate on original loot generation.
- mini boss tokens can now be exchanged via the "!tokens" command.
- Remade the HP information interface, it has 3 different layouts now: box, vertical, horizontal.
- Added ability cooldown to HP information interface.
- Fixed experience limit in client, aka Turek's bug.

Ability added:
* Telepathy:
Targeted Pokemon becomes user's ally, can only have one ally at once, only works versus wild Pokemon.
For: Wobbuffet, Meditite, Medicham, Wynaut, Oranguru, Tapu Lele, Tapu Koko, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini, Noibat, Shiny Noibat, Noivern, Shiny Noivern, Munna, Shiny Munna, Musharna, Shiny Musharna,
Neutralizing Gas now rejects Choice Scarf

- Added Abilities:

* Moody: After dealing damage to an enemy with a move the user will randomly gain:
- 4% extra damage (2% in duels), maximum 80% extra damage.
- 3% damage reduction (2% in duels), maximum 30% damage reduction.
- 3% extra speed (2% in duels), maximum 30% extra speed.
For: Bidoof, Bibarel, Remoraid, Octillery, Smeargle, Snorunt, Glalie,

* Symbiosis: When released user copies a held item of a random Pokemon in player's team. Cannot copy support type items, requires a free held item slot.
For: Flabebe, Shiny Flabebe, Floette, Shiny Floette, Florges, Shiny Florges, Oranguru

* Flower Veil: Cures status conditions of the user and grass type Pokemon in party with the user after 1 second of receiving them.
For: Flabebe, Shiny Flabebe, Floette, Shiny Floette, Florges, Shiny Florges, Comfey

* Screen Cleaner: "Reflect" like moves will last 2 seconds more for user and it's allies, enemy "Reflect" like moves will last 2 seconds less.
For: Galarian Mr Mime, Mr Rime

* Triage: Boosts healing moves by 30%.
For: Comfey (maybe something else later)

* Long Reach: "Contact" moves used by the user won't trigger abilities that normally would react to "contact" moves. User cannot receive reflected damage from Counter, Reflect, Red Nose, Spiky Shield.
For: Rowlet, Dartrix, Decidueye, Shiny Decidueye