It is now not possible to catch Cloned Alomomola.

It is now possible to catch cloned chansey and cloned togepi.
Added charms for cloned togepi and cloned chansey.
- Valentine dungeon is now available.
- Valentine auras for 2024 are now available (player and Pokemon).
- 7 new wings have been added for players.
Client update 09/feb/2024

Changes to cooldown window:
- it can now be locked in place.
- it will now save it's position during client restart.
- New options: show index, show hotkey.
- Disabling cooldown bars colors is now a client option. (command !cds removed)

New top icons for:
- Battle pass
- Golden tower
- Daily tasks
- Auctions (incoming)

is now possible to limit the amount of icons visible at the top left menu.

After next restart:
It is now not possible for Shiny Exeggutor, Shiny Golem and Shiny Poliwrath to spawn.

It is now possible for Shiny Tropius, Shiny Torkoal, Shiny Shuckle to spawn for a limited time.
After the next restart, damage in rain like skills will be equalized to 2k dmg in x2 for all final evolutions of pokemons (with exceptions like pikachu, magmar etc.) in moveset and tms to avoid inaccuracies. Keep in mind that fury swipes will deal more damage (rain dance also due to weather boost) and some of them might be lower on purpose due to being a counter etc.

However certain pokemons will deal more damage from such skills if the normal form of them also has same rain like move in moveset.
Such as:
Cloned, Mega, Gigantamax, Shiny
New item available in the premium shop: past events outfits bag.
- Gigantamax Butterfree tokens can now be exchanged for Gigantamax Copperajah tokens if you already obtained G-Max: Butterfree.
- 100 Gigantamax Copperajah tokens can now be exchanged for G-Max: Copperajah.
- Gigantamax Copperajah is now available.
Daily login for this entire year:












After next restart following pokemons will receive npc prices:

Cufant 300hd
Copperajah 2,5k
Sizzlipede 300hd
Centiskorch 2,5k
Trubbish 250hd
Garbodor 2k
Nickit 150hd
Thievul 1,2k
Morpeko 1,5k
Rookidee 50hd
Corviquire 300hd
Corviknight 3k
Skwovet 100hd
Greedent 1,2k
Dwebble 120hd
Crustle 900hd
Helioptile 500hd
Heliolisk 2,5k
Hisuian Zorua 500hd
Hisuian Zoroark 2,5k
Durant 1,5k
Hisuian Voltorb 200hd
Hisuian Electrode 800hd
Castform 2k

After next restart following pokemons will receive charm tasks:

Shiny Cufant
Shiny Glastrier
Shiny Spectrier
Shiny Calyrex
Hisuian Zorua
Hisuian Zoroark
Shiny Hisuian Zorua
Shiny Hisuian Zoroark
Shiny Durant
Hisuian Voltorb
Hisuian Electrode
Shiny Golem
Shiny Exeggutor
Shiny Poliwrath
Shiny Manectric
Shiny Carbink
Shiny Lilligant
Shiny Glalie
Shiny Shedinja
Shiny Mightyena
Shiny Cyndaquil
Shiny Ponyta
Shiny Litten
Shiny Litwick
Shiny Chandelure
Shiny Houndour
Shiny Fennekin
Shiny Delphox
New outfit available in Outfit Bag:
- Hand of the Inquisition. (colorable, has 2 addons)

New outfit available in the premium shop:
- Wheelchair