New Spawns have been added:
- Water 130
- Water 180
- Ice 130
- Bug 130
- Dragon 180
- Fairy 180
- Normal 180

all of the accessible from the underwater complex near shamouti
new fighting spawn for low levels has been added in Vermilion.
You can find there also Timburr family.
-Leire doesn't remove old locker kits anymore.
-NPCs from Dubious Disc & Hoenn Box 2 & Hoenn Box 3 are once again available.
Baton Pass & Hold Back can only be used once per player on each duel.

-You can now remove your undroppable items from finished quests with the crusher (brown dustbin) of PVP.

In case it doesn't work for a certain item, just report it on
-Preparations for 100,000,000 B.C. Quest.

-New offers available with Leire's shop

-New decoration shop in Celadon Mall

-New locker kits have been added to premium shop

New offers in web shop are available

New account modification offer is available in web shop
The following quests have been improved (spawn & reward)
* Desert Quest
* Pewter Quest
* Ice Quest
* Swamp Quest

Missing reward has been added to the empty chest somewhere underwater in Hoenn.

New respawn for 200 lvl was added (rock/ground mostly). It can be found on Hoenn (east)
Tm prices for npc Edward have been improved.
Hunting mobs is now required to hatch Skull/Sail fossils on their respective areas.