Fan Rotom

Skarmory have now 1,7k more hp
Arbok have now 1k less hp

Quicksand now works like imprison
Passimian and Tropius got slightly rebalanced
- Two new proxies have been added, NA #3 and EUR #1 (probably useless but we already had that vps)
- new addon for Slaking, Beast Titan, requires addon backpack.
- the following outfits are now available in the premium shop: Eren Jaeger, Bertolt Hoover, Hange Zoe, Reiner Braun, Sasha Blouse, Mikasa Ackermann, Annie Leonhart, Levi Ackermann.
Npc Messi is available at the flag store on Celadon Beach. You can now buy your national flag.
made little revamp of pvp
opened duel area, tic tac toe area at event zone
created new area for chess/draughts at the top floor of event zone
added mini casino in pvp where players can make bets between themselves. I advice you to read rules carefuly and be up to date.
Violet, New Bark and Mahogany have been revamped. Houses will be available to buy today later.

Guild house will be auctioned via thread. It has 20 rooms, playground for games such as chess, draughts, tic tac toe and ludo. It has pool on the rooftop

note: platinum will have no auction for guild hall since most of the others are free. It will be available in house auction system
The SMTP service is now working again aka email confirmation system, recovery system, etc.

Incase you don't receive an email from our system, check your spam folder and make sure you haven't blocked our address

In some cases emails will be sent with a delay to prevent our address being flagged as spam email, this delay can be up to 1 hour.
Added new respawns;
- Bug for 50 lvl+ (recommended) - free access
- Ice for 50 + (recommended) - premium access
- poison for 50+ (recommended) - free access
- normal for 50+ (recommended) - premium access
- ground tower near Cerulean for low levels - free access
- grass for 50+ (recommended) - premium access
- Electric 135 (?) (lvl door) - premium access
- Electric 260-270 (to be decided) - premium access
- Poison 270 (to be decided) - premium access)
- Fire 40+ (recomendded) - premium access - you can find there scorbunny and shiny scorbunny, litleo + shiny litleo
- Fire 135+ (lvl door) - premium access - you can find there raboot, cinderace, shiny raboot, shiny cinderace, pyroar and shiny pyroar
- 3x meowth (premium access)
- psychic for 40-50+ (recommended) - premium access

Also requirement to access flying spawn has been changed to level 270+

Electric 260-270 is not accessible now.