From now on it's possible for Shiny Absol, Greninja, Milotic, Mawile, Mimikyu to spawn (also delibird can spawn if someone didn't knew yet)
Daily Login for January

I have slightly edited premium island so it is no longer possible to easily run from 1 to 2 spawn of galarian darmanitan/darumaka, but still possible.

Added few spawns of the above mentioned pokemons

Added a sign on the entrance to the island with rules, entering island means accepting them

During this week, but I don't know in which day (between monday and wednesday) between 20 and 22:00 gmt + 1 we'll make blind auctions. You can bid boxes but u won't know what's inside. There's possibility ill be giving some hints. It can be either a pokemon (normal, cloned, shiny

since I'm still busy with christmas event, I will make auctions in between 27 and 29.
Event & Premium island have been added, you can travel with npcs that can be found in northern Kanto.
Christmas deco is only in Celadon for now but more to come

PS. Christmas spoiler

Thanks Matu :3
Daily for December :magihype:

Applied remake of a part of Kanto map (left side mostly)
* edited 2 islands near Pewter, visually as well as added new spawns there
* edited visually + spawn weepinbell forest area (near Viridian)
* revamped Pallet town along with houses
* revamped Viridian Forest
* revamped mankey spawn near Viridian

Enabled Black Friday discounts in premium shop
Added addons to Halloween 2020 addon ticket
Flareon - Undead
Espeon - Wizard
Cloned Gengar - Devil Costume
Shiny Azumarill - Ghost Costume
Ariados - The Phantom Leader
Cloned Machamp - World Champion
Muk - Witch
Shiny Dusknoir - Reaper
Arbok - Headless
Cloned Arbok - Headless

V write them with small letters

Added Emotes:
!Angel angelvulpix
!Celebration celebicelebrate
!Celebihype celebihype
!Yampergive yampergiv
!Munchlaxdab munchlaxdab
!Detective pikachudetective
!Dittosurprised surprisedditto
!Peepoeek peepoeek
!Rowletgasp rowletgasp
!Gg espeongg
!Girarage giratinarage
!Ohgodno OhGodNo

!Vulpixlove vulpixlove
!Peepofight peepofight
!Alopolicia alopolicia
!Nani slowpokenani
!Pachirisupls pachirisupls
!Sceptfacepalm sceptilefacepalm
!Peepolove peepolove
!Pepega pepega
!Poggers poggers
!Ponytashy shyponyta
!Sobblepray sobblepray
!Evilskyuper evilskyuper
!Rowletsus rowletsus
!Sylveonlove sylveonlove
!Umbreonhmm chillumbreon
!What what????
!Snorlaxzzz snorlaxzzz
Daily login for november

Spell Withdraw now works

Poltergeist and Expanding Force should be faster now

From now on helds Destiny Knot and Heart Scale no longer activate vs pokemons immune to reflect (bosses etc.)
From now on using the destiny knot during raids will have consequences and will be considered bug abuse

From now on this also applies to Heart Scale held.