Hi guys, after the next restart the easter event 2017 will be available on all the servers. In this edition of the event you can only do the event with TWO characters per account.

Find Juliet to start the event

- There are 220 eggs in total in the map
- 20 of these eggs are in premium area
- You don't need premium to complete the event
- You can get two rewards per character: Orange easter egg + Red easter egg OR Blue easter egg
- Be extremly careful when painting, do the maths before start painting, because you can only get each egg once, unless we reset your progress to 0.

* Just to make it very clear, it is:
Orange easter egg + Red easter egg
Orange easter egg + Blue easter egg

Orange easter egg

- 20x coloured egg (purple)
- 30x coloured egg (red)
- 30x coloured egg (pink)
- 20x coloured egg (blue)
- 20x coloured egg (green)

Contains one of the following:
- Buneary
- Bunnelby

Red easter egg requires

- 15x coloured egg (purple)
- 15x coloured egg (red)
- 15x coloured egg (pink)
- 20x coloured egg (blue)
- 15x coloured egg (green)

Contains one of the following:
- TM107 Chip Away
- TM110 Sleep Talk
- TM111 Fire Pledge
- TM114 Bulk Up
- TM118 Tsunami
- TM124 Power Whip
- TM126 Venom Drench
- TM128 Eerie Impulse
- TM131 Thousand Arrows
- TM120 Hurricane
- TM121 Fascade
- TM136 Aurora Veil
- TM138 Aurora Sphere
- TM140 Rage Powder
- TM141 U Turn
- TM142 Clanging Scales
- TM145 Twister
- TM146 Ominous Wind
- TM151 Brutal Swing
- TM153 Gear Grind
- TM154 Smart Strike
- TM156 Fairy Blade
- TM108 Echoed Voice

Blue easter egg requires

- 30x coloured egg (purple)
- 10x coloured egg (red)
- 10x coloured egg (pink)
- 20x coloured egg (blue)
- 30x coloured egg (green)

- Find the 20 eggs in the premium area

Contains one of the following:
- TM106 Boomburst
- TM109 Play Nice
- TM112 Flame Blitz
- TM113 Force Palm
- TM115 Brine
- TM116 Liquidation
- TM117 Surf
- TM119 Air Pressure
- TM122 Grass Whistle
- TM123 Magical Leaf
- TM125 Venoshock
- TM127 Electric Storm
- TM129 Electro Blast
- TM130 Magnitude
- TM132 Psychic Terrain
- TM133 Synchronoise
- TM134 Rock Storm
- TM135 Rock Power
- TM137 Ice Shards
- TM139 Lunge
- TM143 Dragon Storm
- TM144 Draco Pulse
- TM147 Curse Pledge
- TM148 Grudge
- TM149 Shadow Claws
- TM150 Snarl
- TM152 Magnetic Shock
- TM155 Misty Terrain

Additionaly the following Pokemon will give extra experience and loot during the event:
- Torchic
- Combusken
- Blaziken
- Wigglytuff
- Azumarill
- Spinda
- Voltorb
- Electrode
- Golem
- Geodude
- Nidorino
- Nidorina
- Whismur
- Nidoran
- Plusle
- Minun
- Umbreon
- Togepi
- Togetic
- Togekiss
- Jigglypuff
- Poliwhirl
- Poliwag
- Poliwrath
- Spheal
- Venonant
- Gastly
- Weezing
- Marill
- Hoppip
- Skiploom
- Jumpluff
- Gengar

Hi everyone!
From 13-04 to 18-04 we'll enable donation promotion. During this time you'll receive +50% more points.

Everyone who will donate for 45 points or more will receive Elementalist Outfit (base, without addons)

That's how it looks with full addons

Also... Easter Event will start at 15-04 :)
From 09/04 till 20/04 I will be posting here:
* Questions about Pokemon
* Screens from game (you will have to guess where it was taken)
* Who's that Pokemon picture(s).

The very first person who will give the right answer will receive 3 points. The questions will appear 1-5 times per day in random hours.

1st place: Season Box2, 10 diamonds, 3 rare candies
2nd place: TM Case 10, 2 rare candies
3rd place: TM Case 6

first question will be posted today within few minutes or hours.

Chazz - 27 points
Wycich - 3 points
Kasas - 9 points
Only Catch - 3 points
Albu - 6 points
Gonher - 6 points
Lucalo - 3 points
Sheeper - 12 points
ThiicoLost - 2 points
Zunri - 2 points
Naimad Ikswortoip - 18 points
medz - 15 points
Sucrilhosforever - 3 points
Inko - 3 points
Kaktoos - 6 points
Lord Sqnik - 3 points
Tom Valis - 3 points
Mundisse - 6 points
Strek - 3 poits
Eudinho - 3 points
Shadow Mist - 3 points
Sting - 3 points
Jano - over 9000

Double/Triple experience event

Hi guys! We'd like to announce, that from 31.03 till 03.04 morning we will enable double experience for Diamond & Pearl and... triple experience for Platinum!

Party Duel Tournament
Tournament will be global, that means there will be specially created world and all participants will have to copy their characters there. It wll cost 1 diamond

- Duels 2vs2 / Pokemons: 12vs12 [6 per participant]
- Flutes and berries are allowed
- You can use almost any pokemon. Generally there are no limits, with three exceptions - pokemon cannot be repeated, that means you can't use 2 cloned arcanines or arcanine + cloned arcanine etc. Also 1 party cannot have more than 1 mega pokemon. SMEARGLE IS NOT ALLOWED.
- Pokemons cannot be shared between participants. Remember, that pokemons have their serials, it's easy to find it out.
- You can sign up with only one character.
- Tournament will be canceled, if we will have less, than 15 pairs
- It will be a two stage tournamnet with double elimination
- 1 party cannot have two the same pokemons, for example if your partner has Arcanine, you cannot have the same pokemon.

- You can sign up in this thread already, positing your name and name of your friend who you want to be in party with. Although we'll be checking who's online or offline right before duels. In case if your friend will be offline, we'll try to find another player to your party - As long, as it will be possible [there will be players will no party wanting to participate].
- Remember, that we're not responsible for offline players, so make sure that your friend will be online!
- There is only ONE stage. This tournament is for players of min. level 110. It means you should use pokemons 120-130, but if you want lower levels, then with your own responsibility.
- Transfering to tournament world will cost 1 diamond.
- You can sign up in this thread or in the day of tournament max 19:00 GMT+2 (central european summer time)

- 8 april
- 19:00 GMT +2 we'll be checking who's online. All offline players will be removed from the bracket. Don't be late!
- Duels will start right after removing offline players from the bracket.

1st place: alolan form pokemon [random], animated legendary bag, Random New TM (between 106-1xx), Mewtwo Cup, Addon Bag
2nd place: Season Box2, Entei Bag, New Random TM, Silver Rayquaza Cup, Addon Bag
3rd place: Elemental Box, Raikou Bag, TM Case 10, Addon Bag, Bronze Rayquaza Cup

Incoming rebalance changes:
- Changes in some pokemons will be applied before this saturday.
Hi guys, with the last update the berries system have been remade and new berries were introduced to the game, you can find more info about these berries and how to get them in the following link


And in this thread I will explain how the new system works

Basic rules
- Each Pokemon has 3 berries slots.
- The cooldown is character binded.
- Extra resistances duration can be saved, but you cannot get two or more at the same time.

How to equip berries?
Open the options menu on an equiped Pokeball and select the option "Set berries"

In this new window you can set the berries your Pokemon will carry and if you want to AutoEqup them when possible

Note: the AutoEquip function will attemp to equip your berries setup every time you release your Pokemon, of course only if you are carrying the berries in your backpack

How to use berries?
When you release your Pokemon a new small window is opened, you can see the berries your Pokemon has equiped in this window, to use a berry just click it in this window

Note: you can move this window anywhere, you can also minimize it.

Additionally the abilities Gluttony and Unnerve now have their respective effects

- Sitrus berry will heal the user for 15% instead of 5%.
- User will automatically use Sitrus berry when has 50% HP or lower skipping cooldown restrictions.
- This ability is canceled by Mold breaker.

- Enemy cannot use berries.
- This ability only works during duel.
- This ability is canceled by Mold breaker.
Viridian is going to be revamped. Please leave your houses if you don't want to have mess in your depot.

We're sorry to say that you cannot keep the ownership due to total remake (merging houses/setting them new house ID).

Revamp will be applied within 2 days~
From 18/march/2017 till 22/march/2017 we'll enable a donation promotion, during this time:

- You will receive 50% more points.
- Everyone who will donate for at least 30 points will receive the oriental outfit (base).
- Includes every donation method
- Keep in mind that you will get the gift only once per account.
- You get both version of the outfit (male/female)



We want to congratulate and give a welcome for these staff members in their new positions

Raissa ~Game Administrator
Eudinho ~Community Manager

And two new Game Masters that qualified in a recent evaluation of tutors!

May them keep improving the gameplay and work for the welfare of this awesome community of players around the world.
We wish you good luck!

Hi guys, with this update (10.1.7) the Pokemon abilites system have been implemented.

In the following link you can find a list of the available abilities with their description incase you don't know what an ability does.


Rules about the system
- Only player Pokemon will have an ability. (except for some bosses in the future maybe)
- Each Pokemon have different abilities available. (from 1 to 3)
- You can use the Pokedex to see what options each Pokemon has.
- A Pokemon can only have one ability.
- The ability will be assigned the first time you release the Pokemon. (applies to old Pokemon too of course)
- There will be a way to reset a Pokemon ability in the future.

When evolving:
- if both the pre evolution and the evolved form have exactly the same options of abilities, the ability will be kept.
- if the pre evolution and the evolved form don't have the same options of abilities, there is a 10% chance that the ability will be kept, otherwise a new one will be assigned on next release.

The following system have been updated to add support to the ability system:
- Market, now shows Pokemon ability.
- Pokeball description, now shows Pokemon ability.
- Pokedex, now shows Pokemon abilities.

[FONT=Book Antiqua]Hi guys! We just enabled mini carnival event. From today 27-02 till sunday 05-03 Pokemons which have these spells in moveset:[/FONT]

Echoed Voice
Disarming Voice
Hyper Voice
Metal Sound
Petal Dance
Sword Dance
Rain Dance
Dragon Dance
Feather Dance
Quiver Dance
Teeter Dance
Cutter Dance[/QUOTE]

[FONT=Book Antiqua]will give double experience and double rate for loot.[/FONT]