Halloween Event has been finally enabled!

How does it work?
There are unowns spawning in several cities over the world (all 3 regions). You need to form words by killing unowns in the right order. Each unown has its respective letter. If you are doubting which one it is, use "look" on it.
For example if you have word "POKEMON" to complete, you need to kill unowns P, O, K, E, M, O, N.
- Use command !event to see other commands needed in this event.
- Use !event show to check ID of the mission, word that you need to form and reward.
- Use command !event select ID to select mission. For example !event select 1
- You need to do all missions in order from 1 to 19.
- You can repeat some missions, if you wish.
- You don't need to complete all of the missions, if you don't want to
- After forming the word, you will instantly receive a reward.
- If you want to cancel your mission, use command !event drop
- If you accidentaly kill unown of a different letter, than required, your progress gets restarted. You will have to start it over. (word that you are currently trying to form, not all the missions)
- Unowns cannot be caught
- Event will be enabled until thursday with possibility of extending for 1-2 days more if necessary.
- Your progress is shown on default.
- There's no characters limit.

Spawns of Unowns
Kanto Spawns:
Pewter, Cerulean, Celadon, Saffron, Vermilion, Viridian and Fuchsia
Unowns: A, B, C, N, P, U, R, Y, J, G, M, V

Johto Spawns:
Azalea, Violet, Goldenrod, Shamouti, Cianwood, Olivine
Unowns: D, E, F, Q, S, T, X, H, I, L

Hoenn Spawns:
Slateport, Lilycove, Rustboro, Littleroot, Petalburg
Unowns: G, H, I, J, K, L, M, Y, O

Rare Spawns:
Every city mentioned above!
Unowns: W and Z

RB – 10 empty rocket balls
REV – 12 full revives
SILV – silver pumpkin
DOLL – Random pokemon doll
CANDY – rare candy
HDECOR – Random Halloween decoration
CUTETICK – Cute Ticket
BOXTRES – Kanto Box 3
JOHTOBOX – Johto Box 3
HOENNBOX – Hoenn Box 3
POKEMON – Random pokemon bag (that cannot be bought from juanito)
HALLOOUT – Random Halloween Outfit
HALLOADD – Random Pokemon Addon for Halloween
CLONEDTICK – Cloned Ticket
RANDOWEVOITEMZ – Random Evo item
HALLOWEENZEVENTONPADVENTURES – Random New Pokemon (Pancham, Vullaby, Phantump and Noibat)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask
If you have any requests, you can ask it here, but do it properly or your post will be ignored
In advance: We reject to reduce missions needed to do the last one for pokemon.

From 26.10 until 29.10 we'll enable donation promotion. During this time you will receive 50% more points. Also if you donate for 30 points (base) or more, you will receive:

*Frond Island Ticket + Twin Rock Islands Ticket

[FONT=Times New Roman]As everyone knows, halloween is coming soon. It's a time for a new contest! Are you creative? So it's time to write a halloween Pokémon creepypasta![/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]Rules[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman] - The creepypasta has to be written by you, not by uncle google.
- Minimum words: 350, maximum words: 1000. If you're not sure how many words your story contains, use this website: https://wordcounter.net/
- The letter cannot contain: offensive words, insults towards anyone, sexual content
- The letter has to be written in english. If u have problems in that, ask tutors for a favor of translating it.
- Editing posts is forbidden*

*that means you can't edit your letter after you post it.

[FONT=Times New Roman]Rewards:[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]1st place: Shiny Trevenant or Mandibuzz + TM Case 12[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]2nd place: Pikachu Cosplay + Tm Case 15[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]3rd place: Elemental Box[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]It's a Global contest.[/FONT]

- Thread will be closed at 01/11/2018

Good Luck Everyone!


Hello guys, today we have implemented some edits to already existing daily tasks system. Read description below to know, what's new!

- You can do max 2 tasks per day.
- There is no limit for characters per account.
- There is no limit for Pokemon rewards. That means you can take Pokemon every 2 months, if you wish.
- Points don't reset, so you can store them for longer time, then pick your rewards later.
- NPC does not give new rewards yet until further notice. New Pokemons will be available a little bit later. (2 weeks~ we are waiting for sprites for new pokemons)
- There is no level limit.
- You cannot cancel the task.
- You cannot take 2 tasks from the same npc at once.

- Plates are no longer required to finish the task.
- Amount of pokemons to kill has been reduced in most of the tasks.
- There are plenty of new tasks added (hoenn, some sinnoh)
- You cannot choose a task, npc gives it randomly.
- Tasks are adjusted to player's level.
- There are 8 NPCs from whom you can take a task. Each NPC gives tasks of certain type(s).
- You don't need premium to pick a task, but be warned, that you may get task of pokemon, that is available only on premium areas.
- Players, that have points from previous system (before edit) can take rewards from new list, howerver they are not available yet.
- Pokemons available in this system, will not be obtainable anywhere else.
- Pokemons obtainable in this system will give catch.

NPC Name: Tesla the Lightning
Elements: Electric, Flying
position: {x = 3805, y = 3219, z = 5}
Nearby city: Celadon


NPC Name: Qemak the Burner
Elements: Fire
position: {x = 3380, y = 3730, z = 5}
Nearby city: Cinnabar


NPC Name: Eurelitra the Clairvoyant
Elements: Psychic, Dark, Ghost
position: {x = 4027, y = 3103, z = 7}
Nearby city: Lavender


NPC name: Norman the Brave
Elements: Normal, Fairy, Dragon
position: {x = 3643, y = 3058, z = 6}
Nearby city: Celadon/Cerulean


NPC name: Aquia The Corsair
Elements: Water, Ice
position: {x = 3696, y = 3233, z = 7}.
Nearby city: Celadon


NPC name: Vergierk The Naturalist
Elements: Grass
position: {x = 3335, y = 3201, z = 5}
Nearby city: Viridian


NPC name: Katusels The Lethal
Elements: Poison, Bug
position: {x = 3669, y = 3126, z = 7}.
Nearby city: Celadon


NPC name: Kogroode The Crusher
Elements: Rock, Steel, Ground, Fighting
position: {x = 3356, y = 3013, z = 7}.
Nearby city: Pewter

- 1 point - 45 Poke balls
- 1 point - 30 Great balls
- 1 point - 15 Super balls
- 1 point - 10 Ultra balls
- 2 points - 30 Revives
- 5 points - 15 Full Revives
- 6 points - 15 Random Berries
- 15 points - Bronze PA Coin
- 20 points - Silver PA Coin
- 30 points - Dawn Stone
- 30 points - Hoenn Box 2
- 35 points - Razor Fang
- 35 points - Razor Claw
- 35 points - Protector
- 35 points - Deep Sea Tooth
- 35 points - Deep Sea Scale
- 50 points - Hoenn Box 3
- 55 points - Random TM out of all types
- 60 points - Cosplay of Alolan Character*
- 65 points - Random TM of certain type
- 70 points - Prism Scale
- 85 points - Spin Machine
- 110 points - Malamar or Cryogonal
- 130 points - New Pokemon*

In case you find anything wrong (wrong amounts, too many zeros, less zeros than it should be or any task has plate as requirement) please, report it in this thread.
Hello everyone,
from 28.09 until 01.10 we'll enable donation promotion. During this time you will receive 50% more points. Also if you donate for 30 points (base) or more, you will receive:
- frond island ticket + Popstar Outfit*

*Popstar female and male:

Well... we would like to announce that, we'll have a Druddigon spawn on Frond island.**

** Spawn will be added on saturday

PA Staff

From Friday 31.08 to Sunday 02.09 we will enable increased catch rates for both worlds:
- x2 in Diamond
- x3,5 in Platinum

Also with increased catch rates you can expect x2 Loot[/CENTER]
100,000,000 B.C: Resurrect Tyrunt

You can't start it if you have not hatched Amaura before.
You will need level 140, premium status, access to Twin Rocks Isle and dex of all current fossils.
Make your way to the new Underwater Complex near Shamouti, and talk with Dr. Kenzo.

Carracosta Aquarium: Access to catch Tirtouga and its evolution
Complete the former quest. Find NPC Mike in the same complex for instructions.

from 17.08 until 20.08 we'll enable donation promotion. During this time you will receive 50% more points. Also if you donate for 30 points or more (base) you will receive:
- twin rocks ticket + sea apparel card*

*gives base of one of the following that you choose:
- Pirate Outfit (base)
- Seadog Outfit (base)

New things will be added in weekend (after tournament or sunday)
- 100,000,000 bc Quest (Tyrantrum & Carracosta, TM Falling Rocks, TM Tsunami) - Twin Rocks ticket required.
- TM Case4 Quest
- Respawn of Alomomola
- New underwater complex with many exits leading to other, new spawns
* Fairy for 180
* Bug for 130
* Water 130
* Water 180
* Dragon 180
* more

+ hidden ice island with shiny stantler spawn

We will enable double exp for the next weekend, starting in Friday 03/08 finishing at late night in Sunday 05/08.
(just for Pokémon)

Global Tournament 2018

Tournament will be global, that means there will be specially created world and all participants will have to copy their characters there. It will cost 2 diamonds.

- Group stages with double eliminations
- Duels 1vs1 with 6 pokemons
- Flutes and berries are allowed
- You can carry min 6 pokemon and max 9
- You can duel with only 1 pokemon that has baton pass or hold back (you can still carry more than 1 to tournament world, but u cannot use more than 1 during the duel)
- Smeargle is not allowed.
- You can carry only 1 special pokemon (shiny/crystal/red/elder/mega)
- You can carry as many cloneds as you wish
- You cannot transfer with repeated Pokemon, for example Arcanine + Cloned Arcanine
- You cannot share pokemons with other participants
- You can sign up with only 1 character
- If you will be late, you will be disqualified, be serious if u want to participate.
- Your character must be of level 110. Your pokemons should be of level minimum 120. If you want to carry lower levels, then with your own responsibility.

Additional info
- You can sign up in this thread or just log in to tournament world at 19:00 GMT +2 to be added to bracket. If you log in later, don't be expecting to be on the list.
- Adding to brackets starts at 19:00 GMT+2. Duels will start 1 hour later. If you want to be on the list, you have to be online at 19:00.
- Date: 18/08/2018

- 1st place: Golden Cup, Ampharosite/Ash Greninja/Shiny Box*, TM Case 12, Addon Bag
* to winner's choice
- 2nd place: Cloned Box/Pikachu Cosplay*, Silver Cup, TM Case 13, Addon Bag
* to player's choice
- 3rrd place: Elemental Box, Bronze Cup, TM Case 14, Addon Bag