Hi, Lionel Messi will be selling decoration stuff from World Cup on his temporal shop in Celadon Beach.

Now available for limited time in Premium Shop:

Jersey Outfit (dual gender)

Referee Outfit (only male)

Alolan locker kits

Incoming donation promotion for Glaceon's evolution quest (Below Zero) is expected for the final weekend of June.
From 10/06 till 20/06 We will be posting here:
* Questions about Pokemon
* Screens from game (you will have to guess where it was taken)
* Who's that Pokemon picture(s).
* Avoid doing any spam or offtopic or you will get your forum account banned

* Posts with answers cannot be edited. We also don't consider answers of people, whose forum account was banned, and the player answered from another one!

The very first person who will give the right answer will receive 3 points. The questions will appear 1-10 times per day in random hours.

1st place: Pikachu Cosplay, 10 Diamonds, Addon bag, 3 Rare candies
2nd place: TM Case 12, Addon bag, 2 Rare candies
3rd place: TM Case 7, 1 Rare candy

At 1/06 many countries over the world (mostly Europe, but not only) are celebrating Children's day! Padventures, as every year does it too.

From 26.05 to 27.05 - Some bad people manipulated Arceus to destroy celebration of this special day! Defeat it before it's going to be too late... It is immune to every kind of attack! Will you save Children's Day?

Arceus will lose HP when:
- Players will defeat Pokemons, that are source of Arceus' Power.
- Players will light up 150 hidden Holy Basins (for whole server, not per player)

From 1/06 to 4/06

if Arceus will lose 50% of its hp - there will be few legendary raids
if Arceus will lose 60% of its hp - there will be double loot
if Arceus will lose 70% of its hp - there will be a lottery
if Arceus will lose 80% of its hp - there will be faster spawn of Shiny Pokemon
if Arceus will lose 90% of its hp - there will be +0.5 to exp stage for characters and +1 to exp stage of Pokemons
if Arceus will lose 100% of its hp - Players, that participated in world event, and it succeed will get access to spawn of Chespin and Fennekin.

MISSION 1: 45k Killing
Defeat 45000 Pokemon (collective kill by all players), that give their energy to Arceus.

-Ask Guardian ingame to know the list of these Pokemon.
-For each 1000 killed Pokemon, Arceus will lose some life.
-Players with level higher than 40 that kill Gastly, Abra, Duskull,Charmander, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Growlithe, Paras, Voltorb,doduo, pidgey, pidgeotto, that won't count as kills for this mission.
[FONT=&]-Players with level higher than 70 that kill Haunter, Misdreavus, Kadabra, Dusclops, Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Venomoth, Beedrill, pidgeotto, that won't count as kills for this mission.

MISSION 2: 150 Holy Basins
Light up holy basins, once 150 of them are lit up, it will greatly decrease Arceus powers.

-There are 150 holy basins scattered around the PA world.
-There are basins in both free and premium areas.
-Each player can't lit more than 2 basins.
-If all basins have been lit, there is no more chance for other players that didn't lit before.

Hello Players!
In this thread we are going to select

For Diamond:

* 1 Tutor for Spanish channel
* 1 Tutor for Polish channel

Do you want to become one?
It’s your chance! Just sign up here!

Keep in mind that there are some requirements, though.
• Be an active and helpful player.
• Have good English.
• Know and follow all Rules.
• Have the desire to help players and the community.
• Have good behaviour. This includes all things like scamming.
• Players with newly created account on forum will not be considered.

Don't sign up here unless you can satisfy the position!

To sign up, fill the following form and post it here. Posts that don't follow the form will be deleted without warning, aswell comments. If you have questions, you can send me a private message in forums or contact me in game.

[QUOTE]Character name:
Why do you want to be a tutor:

ATTENTION:we reserve the right to DENY ANY PLAYER that we judge as not capable for a tutor position due to bad behavior, bad historic or inactivity.

The topic will remain open for 7 days from now.

Any post non related to the main reason of this thread will be deleted.

We will enable donation promotion from 18/05 till 21/05. During this time you will receive 50% more points. Everyone who donates for 30 points (base) or more will also receive frond island ticket.

From 18/05 Golurk will have its spawn on the frond island.

Promotion does not apply for Venezuelan method.

Hussar outfit will be available in shop from promotion start until May ends
(Just the base outfit, wing and helmet addons not included)

PAdventures Staff would like to announce that english PAdventures Wikipedia has been created.
You can get there by clicking this

- Keep in mind that pokemon dex and tm's description are not yet updated,
- Spanish and Portuguese version of wikipedia will be created soon.

Catch bonus weekend will start at early morning in Friday 11/05 and end at midnight of Tuesday 14/05

-Hello! We'd like to invite you to participate in our new contest - for the most hawaiian looks like house!
What you need to do? Decorate your house!

- Every player can sign up with only 1 house
- You need to be owner of the house
- You need to give position of the house
- You need to post your nickname and world
- Your house must stay with the same decoration as posted on picture until the contest ends, this way we can confirm the items weren't shared between participants.
- We dont put a theme to deco, so be free
- Editing posts is forbidden*

*That's mean you can upload a pic, but you CAN'T upload another pic with a house RECODERATED again.

Where do I get items to decorate my house?
- You can buy them from NPC Leire that is located in Celadon Mall
- You can get some items from designer workshop, such as tapestries, floor etc

How do I participate?
- Take picture of your house, upload directly on forum or in some img hosting, for example: http://imgur.com
- Post the picture here with your nickname, world and position.
- If you can't post your picture due to too low amount of posts, use this thread to get needed amount; http://www.padventures.org/forum/sho...ight=make+spam
- If you don't have forum account you can contact a Staff member to help you with your post;


- 1st place: Ash Greninja, Lugia Locker, TM Case 11, Medal
- 2nd place: Random Pikachu Style, Random Pokémon Statue, TM Case 7 , Medal
- 3rd place: Random Pokémon Statue, TM Case 6, Cloned Ticket, Medal

The Contest is GLOBAL
Thread will be closed at 05/13

With the latest update the Pokedex system have been remade:

- Now it shows more information about your character, such as achievement, active tasks, catches list.

You can see your progress on your active tasks

You can filter and see how many times you have caught a Pokemon

Now the Pokedex shows more and more detailed information about the Pokemon

You can alternate between information and moves view clicking this button

Now the Pokedex will show information about every available "form" of a Pokemon (eg: cloned/shiny/mega)
If a Pokemon has more than a form, you can navigate between the different form using the buttons located at each side.

The label at top indicates if a Pokemon has more than a form available, and which form you are currently seeing.

The charms and Tasks, is a new system that we will enable in a future update.

Double exp for pokemons will be enabled from 20/04 till 22/04.

(it's +100% exp if on platinum you are having already 2x exp, then it will be x3)