We hope all of you and your loved ones are well through this quarantine, stay home, stay safe.

The reason for this post is to explain the reason for the crashes on the servers and the constant high ping.

Due to quarantine, internet services in the world are saturated cause of higher data demand, which also affects us. Sure you will think ... "It only happens to me when I play Padventures" but the reality is that it affects everyone, there are big companies such as Netflix or YouTube which have had to lower the quality of their streaming service due to their abundant demand, and to reduce the impact on the internet.
Remember that we aren't as big as them, and we can't do much to go around this.

We hope everyone can understand that the problem of the servers is not in our hands, it is something that we cannot control. If we could do something it would already be done to be able to provide you with the best service and fun possible as always.

PA Staff
Hi guys,
Due to fact that there's coronavirus pandemic and many of us should stay at home in isolation/quarantine, we have decided to make this time a little bit enjoyable. For this reason we have added 7 days of premium for every account and enabled;
- Faster respawns of shiny pokemons
- Double Loot rate
- Double (+1 to stage) exp for pokemons

We hope, that in this hard time everyone is being fine. Remember to take care of yourselves and your families, don't leave home if it is not needed, remember, that even if you are young having better immunity system, you may bring virus to your parents or grandparents whose immunity is weaker. Stay at home!

Everything will be disabled in the end of march.
Due to the constant drops on the server. We opted to close it to verify what is happening and solve it.
Apologies for what is happening at the moment is out of our hands.

Tickets will be restored do not worry about it.

We do not have estimated time, any information we will notify you by this post.
Please avoid creating repeated posts about it.

Love come to Padventures and with it the visit of some Pokemon who want to ruin the party.
You must help us by defeating them.

Throughout the map you can find Valentine's pokemon.

When defeated will give you a Valentine heart.

You should collect as much as possible to later redeem it for rewards.
The exact reward list will be announced during the week.

Main Reward: Galarian Ponyta (evolving into Galarian Rapidash) and Galarian Farfetch'd (evolving into Stirfetch'd)

It will be active until Sunday 23/02/2020 the hunt for hearts begins.
Hi, because Valentine's Day is coming there will be promotion from 14/02 to 21/02 in which everyone gets 50% more points.

In addition, in the shop you will be able to send a gift to your loved one containing:
- decorations,
- tm case 1-18,
- helds,
- musharna/shiny musharna

In addition during that time you can expect exp x2 for pokemons and characters, loot x2 and catch x2
Also Valentine lottery will be on sunday


As previously on Summer Event, during winter we would like to give you some attractions.

The quiz will be done on special area with green and red board. Players will be asked 10 questions. If the answer is yes / truth then have to walk on the green board. If the answer is no / false, then have to walk on the red board.
Every question must be answered within 10 seconds. Players, that answer wrong are out of the game. Players, that answer 10 questions correctly will receive 3 Winter Tokens + another small reward.
Players that answer minimum 6 questions correctly will receive 1 token. Quiz will be done once a day.

A simple Blue vs Red fight. Automatic event does not count, only the one announced by me or a CM/GM for few minutes before with red letters.
Winning team will receive 1 winter token. Players with most frags (1 each team) will receive 2 tokens.

Random 3 online players will receive some random rewards every day. It can be a TM, days of premium, Boxes, Decorations, Addons, Outfits, Rare Candies or Tokens.

Mini lotteries with small amount of rewards as well as small amount of tickets. It will be done in weekends. Lucky ones will get a ticket!

A big Lottery with big amount of rewards and tickets. Such lottery will appear only once in February.

Every weekend, starting in Friday, there will be an exp boost for Pokemons of certain element, during this time they'll be giving twice more exp, than usual.

Raids will be done everyday, 3-5 players with highest damage will receive winter token.

Every player will receive a car. The first one to appear on the finish will win the round. Your character level does not matter, everyone will have the same speed and the same chances.

Mini events will be done twice a week. You can participate in one of the following:
* Robots
* Dice
* Roulette
* Memory
* Tic Tac Toe
* Grass/Fire/Water (rock/paper/scissors)
* Hide & Seek
* Others

Other events such as;
- Double Exp
- Double Loot
- Double Catch
- Faster Shiny Spawn
- Donation Promotion(s)

And something new called Snowball War. Similar to PVP red vs blue where players will fight with each other using snow balls. Pokemons will not be allowed. Everyone will have the same chances, as all characters will have equal speed. Damage of snowball will be a % of character's hp, so this way it does't matter if you are level 30 or 300. In this event winning team will receive 1 winter token and 2 players with most frags will receive 3 winter tokens.
This event will start in 2nd week of feb.

What are the rewards?
Few players with highest amount of tokens will receive Mega Glalie (we haven't decided how many, but you can suggest if it should be 5 or 10 or so). Moreover, players, that will be regularly participating in these events having minium X amount of tokens will be allowed to participate in lottery for few Mega Glalies (5 or 10 or so, you can suggest).
Other rewards:
Snom (Frosmoth)
Held Items

Winter Events start from 1/02 and will last until 22/03
From 24 dec 2019 till 31 dec 2019, we will enable the Christmas promotion.
During this time every donation will receive 50% extra points and will also receive:

- 1x Christmas outfit bag (
1 each 30 points)
- 1x Christmas decoration bag (
1 each 30 points)

Christmas event
The Christmas event will be enabled december 26, for now we have enabled a mini event and increased rates of: pokemon experience, loot, catch, shiny spawn chance.

Same as last year, we have enabled the chance to send presents to your friends via command !gift
The gift from command is similar to the reward of main event, with a chance to obtain Galarian Darumaka.

Christmas Mini Event
This is an additional mini event and this is not a mandatory.
There are several places of the map where Christmas Pokemons are spawning, when you defeat them you'll receive a Christmas Token, that looks like an ice cream. Each Christmas pokemon can drop 1 to 3 tokens.

These tokens are the price to play rock-paper-scissor with Christmas Jynx (npc) for the following reward:

Main christmas event

Help Claus, delivering presents around the map

- You can only join the event with 1 character per account.
- You need to deliver 55 presents to complete the event.
- You can fail as many times as you want.
- Spoilers are allowed ingame and forum.
- Event will be active till friday 10/ january.
- Rewards from event and "!gift" will be openable in the next hours or at january 1 (depends how busy I'm 31 dec)

Have a happy new year!

Hello Players!
In this thread we are going to select

For Diamond:

* 1 Tutor for Spanish channel
* 1 Tutor for Polski channel
* 1 Tutor for Portuguese channel

For Platinum:

* 1 Tutor for Spanish channel
* 1 Tutor for Portuguese channel

Do you want to become one?
It’s your chance! Just sign up here!

Keep in mind that there are some requirements, though.
• Be an active and helpful player.
• Have good English.
• Know and follow all Rules.
• Have the desire to help players and the community.
• Have good behaviour. This includes all things like scamming.
• Players with newly created account on forum will not be considered.

Don't sign up here unless you can satisfy the position!

To sign up, fill the following form and post it here. Posts that don't follow the form will be deleted without warning, aswell comments. If you have questions, you can send me a private message in forums or contact me in game.

[QUOTE]Character name:
Why do you want to be a tutor:

ATTENTION:we reserve the right to DENY ANY PLAYER that we judge as not capable for a tutor position due to bad behavior, bad historic or inactivity.

The topic will remain open for 7 days from now.

Any post non related to the main reason of this thread will be deleted.

Hi guys, soon there will be 9th PA birthday, for this occasion we'll have some small event in which you will be able to collect birthday tokens from wild pokemons and exchange them for the following rewards:
1. Litleo & Shiny Litleo
2. Lottery Tickets - limit 3 per PLAYER (you cannot use other accounts etc)
3. Random Pokemon Card - limit 1 or 2
4. Boxex 3 - limit 2
5. Random Held Item - limit 1
6. Random TM - limit 1
7. Outfit - limit 1
8. A Piece of cake with 2x exp, duration 24-48 (to be decided) - limit 1
9. A Piece of cake with 2x exp for pokemon, duration 24-48 - limit 1
10. A Piece of cake with catch x2, duration 24-48 - limit 1
11. A Piece of cake with loot x3, duration 24-48 - limit 1

note: Cakes cannot be used while there are higher server rates events.
event can be done with only 1 character, not per account but in general.

Along with event we'll enable server rates boosts for catch (+1 to stage), exp (+1 to stage) and loot (+1 to stage)
Event will be enabled from 29/11 until 6/12

We also decided to add new achievements:
[QUOTE]1. Achievement name: Experienced player
requirements: having account with 1 character of level minimum 80.
reward: 2500 HD, 300 empty ultra ball, 200 super ball, 100 great ball, 100 rocket ball
description: having account created 2 years ago or more

2. Achievement name: Skilled Player
requirements: having account with 1 character of level minimum 110
reward: 3500 HD, a Blue box
description: Having account created 4 years ago or more

3. Achievement name: Very Experienced Player
reuiqrements: having account with 1 character of level minimum 130
reward: 4500 HD, Blue Box, Experience Ticket
description: Having account created 5 years ago or more

4. Achievement name: Pro Player
requirements: Having account with 1 character of level minimum 150
reward: 5000 HD, TM Case 7, 3 rare candies, exp ticket
description: Having account created 6 years ago or more

5. Achievement name: Master Player
Requirements: Having account with 1 character of level minimum 170
reward: 6000 HD, TM Case 8, Experience Ticket
description: having account created 7 years ago or more

6. Achievement name: Elite Trainer
Requirements: Having account with 1 character of level minimum 190
reward: clone box
description: having account created 8 years ago or more

7. Achievement name: Loyal player
requirement: Having account with 1 character of level minimum 250
reward: Voucher for mega stone exchangable with npc
description: Having account created 9 years ago or more[/QUOTE]

Black Friday

Only at 29/11 you will receive 75% more points when donating.

Donation Promotion
From 30/11 until 10/12 you will receive 50% more points. Everyone who donates for 30 points or more will receive a piece of cake.

note. Each player can use max 2-3 pieces of cake. They can be traded.
note2: Pieces of cakes will be obtainable through event and to be won on birthday lottery.

Some time ago we have implemented system of cards collection. You may be wondering what are they really for, so here I am to explain some things related to it.

1. At the top-left client side you can find icon with cards

2. There are 3 kind of cards:
- Regular
[SPOILER]can be looted from wild pokemons, found on the map, received for achievements[/SPOILER]

- Rare
[SPOILER]few can be looted from wild pokemons, found on the map or received for achievements[/SPOILER]

- Very Rare
[SPOILER]Some can be looted from bosses, very few can be received for achievements but mostly you can win them on contests and tournaments[/SPOILER]

To add card to album you just need to right click on it.
You can also withdraw card from the album clicking ctrl + left mouse click.

Rewards, that you can get for your collection:

1. Beginner collector
description: Having collected 30 regular cards
reward: 25,000 exp, 100 ultra balls

2. Amateur Collector
description: Having collected 50 regular cards
reward: 50,000 exp, kanto box 3

3. Big Collector
description: Having collected 100 regular cards
reward: 100,000 exp, TM Case 5, experience ticket

4. Noble Collector
description: Having collected 150 regular cards
reward: 100,000 exp, TM Case 7, 3 rare candies

5. Pro collector
description: Having collected 200 regular cards
reward: 150,000 exp, TM Case 9, experience ticket

6. Experienced Collector
description: Having collected 250 regular cards
reward: 150,000 exp, TM Case 8, Johto Box 3

7. Very Experienced Colletor
description: Having collected 300 regular cards
reward: Johto Box 4, 5 rare candies, 150,000 exp

8. Master Collector
description: Having collected 350 regular cards
reward: TM Case 4, Hoenn Box 3, 200,000 exp

9. Elite Collector
description: Having collected 450 regular cards
reward: Kanto Box 4, TM Case 10, 250,000 exp

10. Famous Collector
description: Having collected 500 regular cards
reward: Clone Box, 300,000exp

11. Rare Collector I
description: My first rare card
reward: 10,000 exp

12. Rare Collector II
description: having collected 5 rare cards
reward: 35,000 exp, TM Case 3

13. Rare Collector III
description: Having collected 10 rare cards
reward: 50,000 exp, Random Held Item (with lower chance for shiny charm and james/meowth/jessie baits)

14. Rare Collector IV
description: Having collected 15 rare cards
reward: 65,000 experience, TM Case 11

15. Rare Collector V
description: Having collected 20 rare cards
reward: 100,000 exp, TM Case 12, Experience Ticket

16. Rare Collector VI
description: Having collected 30 rare cards
reward: 150,000 exp, Johto Box 4, Mewtwo's Island Ticket

17. Rare collector VII
description: Having collected 50 rare cards
reward: 300,000 exp, Key to the Ultra Wormhole, Kanto Box 4

18. Rare Collector VIII
description: Having collected 75 rare cards
reward: 400,000 exp, TM Case 16, Random Elemental Box

19. Rare Collector IX
description: Having collected 100 rare cards
reward: 650,000 exp, Clone Box

20. Very Rare Collector I
description: My first very rare card
reward: 50,000 exp, 3 rare candies

21. Very Rare Collector II
description: Having collected 3 very rare cards
reward: 100,000 exp, TM Case 17

22. Very Rare Collector III
description: Having collected 10 very rare cards
reward: Shiny Box

23. The Biggest Collection
description: Having collected 300 regular cards, 10 rare cards, 4 very rare cards
reward: Mega Stone Voucher exchangable with npc for stone

24. The Biggest Collection II
description: Having collected 650 regular cards, 35 rare cards, 6 very rare cards
reward: Mega Stone Voucher[/QUOTE]

note: Rewards will be available in the near future
note2: You don't lose your cards after getting the reward
note3: Requirement for mega stone may slightly change yet