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Hi everyone! We would like to invite you all to participate in our new Drawing Contest!

Pokémon on Halloween

What do I have to do?
It's simple
* Draw as best picture as you can
* Sign the picture with your character name
* Take photo of picture or scan it and post in this thread

Are there any rules?
Yes, here they are
[*]Max 3 drawings
[*] Only real life or computer drawings allowed.
[*] Other king of real life art is allowed as well
[*]Drawing cannot contain anythining that is against game rules. It also cannot be porn related.
[*]Drawing must besigned with your character name.
[*]Drawing must be done by you, not by uncle google.
[*]You can get inspired with pictures from internet, but you cannot make them the same nor very similar.
[*]Drawing Pokémon out of screen is not a good idea. We'll notice it and eventually give you less points than you may deserve


Now, tell me about rewards
There are rewards for 3 best drawings only. You should make something great to get them. Check them out:
1st place 1st place 60 days of Premium, Golden trophy, Darkrai very rare card and Shiny Box
2nd place 30 days of Premium, Silver trophy, Pikachu cosplay, Addon backpack, TM Case 11
3rd place 15 days of Premium, Bronze trophy, Elemental box, Addon backpack, TM Case 3

ingame Darkrai very rare card

Special rewards Everyone who join can spect some small gift even if you dind't win in the best of 3

What will You judge?
Our Jury will mostly look at:
* Idea
* Coloring / Inking / Shading
* Effort

Thread will be closed 31/10/2019

Good Luck!

PA Staff

Please, limit yourself to post pictures, or ask anything, if you have doubts. Any other posts will be removed.
With latest update charm system have been implemented, charms give different bonuses, currently there are 12 charm types:


- Each Pokemon has different tasks to get/upgrade a charm.
- You can take maximum 3 tasks at the same time.
- To upgrade the tier of a charm you must complete the task of the same level again.
- To unlock tasks of the next level you must complete previous task at least once before.
- Some charms are only available at tasks of level 3.
- Charms of higher level tasks are stronger.
- Maximum tier of a charm is 3.
- After completing the tasks 3 times it will reach max tier and the task can't be taken again.
- You can drop tasks any time.
- You can reset charms, but if you do you must complete the task again.
- Reseting charms cost 1 ten thousand dollar the first 3 times, after third reset it costs 1 diamond.
- Not all charms work during duels, you can find this info in their tooltip.
- Some charms have a cooldown during duels.
- Some charms have two different effects, player must select what effect to use when enabling it.
- Maximum 3 charms can be enabled at the same time, 1 charm per Pokemon.
- If you have more than 1 charm enabled that works in pvp, just one be used randomly.

Keywords in tooltip
[QUOTE]user = all my X have chance to EFFECT to/from any pokemon
tasked pokemon = all my pokemon have chance to EFFECT to/from X[/QUOTE]

You can find useful information by hovering on the "warning" sign

To get a cham, take a task and then report it once completed:

You can cancel the task any time by "control" + right click on the "report button"

You can find more useful information by hovering on the charm, for example:
- How to enable/disable/reset a charm?
- What does a charm do, charm cooldown, etc.

You can find a list of all your owned charms in the main window of Pokedex. (enabled charms are shown first in the list)

You can check the progress of your tasks in the Pokedex.

Currently not all Pokemons/forms have tasks created yet, but they will be created in the next few days.

PAdventures Staff would like to announce that Spanish PAdventures Wikipedia has been created.

You can get there by clicking this LINK.
From 25.09 untill 02.10 we'll enable Donation Promotion.
During this time you will receive 50% more points. Everyone who donates for 30 points or more will receive random held item.
Additionaly, we will enable exp x2 for characters and pokemons and loot x2 from 27.09 untill 04.10

venezuelan donation doens't count on this promotion

Also Npc for flags should appear at that time
Hello guys, with this restart a new system will be applied
Boosted Pokémon

Every day at 05:00 server time one Pokémon will be boosted during 24 hours. (Server time is CEST, same as daily timer)

Pokémon that have a respawn will be affected with this new system.

Pokémon affected to boosted system can't be repeated 2 days in a row, we can change it manually if needed.

Legendaries, bosses, megas or special Pokémon wont be affected by this new system.
Weak Pokémon like Caterpie, Metapod, etc wont be affected by this new system.

Boosted Pokémon contain more loot, more experiencie, and its spawn will be faster.
With this update (10.7.6) held items have been enabled, you can find a list of the items that are already implemented in the following link


How to equip an item

- Equip a pokeball and right click on it, then click on "Set held items"

- In this new window you will see every available item, in case you have one you can equip it from this window by dragging it into an empty slot.

- Then just click accept, if the conditions* are met the item will be equiped.

How to de-equip an item

- Open the window and drag the equiped item to the items panel, then click accept.

* Condition
- Each Pokemon can only have one equiped item and one support item.

More items will be enabled during the next days/weeks.
At the moment of the implementation there are no support items enabled yet.
Warning IP security system has been reworked and everyone's IP code and secure IP has been resetted.

If you were using IP security re enable it asap.
Here it is! Season event 2019. Older players may remember, that it is about seasonal work. In the past events it was different everyday. This year you are hired by the same NPC.
Here is schedule for it:

Day 1 - Collect building materials
Day 2 - Build restaurant, garden and farm (global)
Day 3 - Fill the farm, care for restaurant's garden (global)
Day 4 - Get products for the restaurant
Day 5 - Become a cook
Day 6 - become a waiter
Day 7 - baywatch/rescuing Abe

Day 1
Abe's restaurant in Alola is going very well. It is overcrowded by tourists from around the world. Several of them were begging Abe to open one in Kanto, however Abe cannot currently travel to Kanto. He's looking for a responsible and hardworking person to take care of a restaurant from A to Z, meaning build it and care for it.

Contact Abe through an online communicator in order to be hired!

Remember, that you can join with only one character and it cannot be changed later!

Tutorial for trees and flowers

Poplar Tree

Yellow Maple Tree

Dwarf Tree

Autumn Tree

Red Hibiscus Flower

Fairy Queen Flower

Bees Ballroom

Jungle Bell Flowers

next missions will be added every day. At some point you may need premium.

This year there will be no new pokemons as reward but:
A bag of 10 random held items, TM Case 16-18, 10k in money, 500 rocket balls, random evolution item


Random Pokemon from Christmas/Valentine/Easter Event.

you can choose only ONE of the options.

Day 2 - Building a restaurant - Global mission

During this day all employees have to build a restaurant, farm and garden together using ready materials inside worker's house.

- This mission is global for whole server
- If your server does not success, you will have less credits needed to exchange for rewards
- If ^ happens, then don't worry, there will be some extra mission where you'll be able to recover your points, but harder.
- You have to build restaurant's building (walls, windows) and its furniture (tables and chairs) as well as fences for farm and garden.
- You have to use ready materials available in worker's house. Pick them by right mouse click.
- Each player can/has to build 30 pieces.
- Don't take too many materials or you'll fail. Take as much as it is necessary to build each piece.
- You need to have first mission done in order to start this mission.
- In case if everything is already built and you haven't started yet, don't worry, we'll add additional mission within few hours or along with 3rd mission.

- Contact Abe through online communicator on this computer. (to the south from previous position)

Wall requires 10 nails and 7 wood planks.

Day 3 - Care for Garden and Farm

In this mission you have to sow and grow some plants (veggies and fruits). Later you need to water it every x time not to let it run out of life!
* You can take seed from the table and sow it in the ground (in the garden of course), you will know where to do it exactly thanks to signs.
* plants have to be watered every 1 hour and this is a global task. If some plant is not watered on time, then it will just die.
* plants have stages, it grows every 2 hours, so you will notice how it changes :)
* To water a plant, take bucket from the table and fill it with water from the barrel that is inside of worker's house (the place where you currently take mission 2 and 3), then use bucket with filled water on the plant.
* players, who will keep plants alive watering them will be gaining extra credits.

- Get animals for the farm
* Npc will give you special balls with high rate.
* you need to catch:
10 Combusken(s), 10 Grumpig(s), 20 Mareep(s), 5 Miltank(s), 15 Ponyta(s), 5 Tauros(s), 20 Torchic(s).

- Feed and water animals on the farm
* Rice ball is what they eat, you can pick it from restaurant's kitchen
* Keep the troughs filled with water, pick a bucket and take water from the barrel
* animals have to be fed every 2 hours (global mission)
* If some animal won't be fed on time, it will pass away :50:
* troughs have to be filled with water every 2 hours, if it won't happen animals will get sick... :47:
* feeding and watering gives extra credits!

80% of plants and animals have to be kept alive for next 24 hours or server will fail! with such you'll get less credit in next mission(s).
You can open a new channel "plants and animals" to see notification when it runs out of food/water

Extra credits can later be exchanged for extra rewards such as more held items, boxes 2-3, rare candies, tickets.

Mission 4.

As promised, platinum gets 1000 credit points for finishing mission 3 for keeping their garden alive from the beginning to the end.
Diamond gets 800 credit point.

In this mission you have to get products for the restaurant, so harvest your veggies and fruits, go to slaterhouse and get meat from animals.
* pick a bucket from worker's house to collect veggies and fruits.
* every plant has 30 uses, except of grape bush - it has 50. It literally means that each plant gives max 30 veggies/fruits and it goes back to its previous stage.
* when it goes to previous stage (5th, pre-last), you still need to take care of it by watering, it will grow again within 1,5 hour.
* you need to water it every 2 hours.
* to get meat from an animal, use axe that you previously got from Leire on its corpse.
* Slaterhouse is located to the east from farm
* Collect eggs to egg box from Combusken's farm. Box can be found in restaurant's kitchen.
* Fish wishiwashi in a pond that is on restaurant's area and use axe on its corpse to get salmon.
* Computer to talk with npc is located in restaurant.

Additional missions to gain extra credits will be added within some hours.