Hi guys we need your help to grow as a community, I've made two new systems that will help you to help us, you can find these new systems in our webpage under the Account tab (requires login).

Facebook share

This is pretty simple, you can share our website in your Facebook wall once every 4 hours and you will get 1 Facebook bag (ingame item) in return, the sharing proccess needs to be done in the following link


Do not close the link while the sharing proccess is in course!

To get your Facebook bag(s) ingame you just need to use the command "!facebook" from the character you want to get them.

The facebook bags can give you a random item, some of them: valuable, decorations, consumables, pokeballs, evolution items, etc
Of course the really valuable items have a very low chance of being droped by the bag.

Referral system

We want to motivate you to invite your friends to join our community, so the referral system offers you some advantages for doing that!

When you invite a friend to join the game, make yourself sure to give him your character name correctly.

- If someone indicates you as referrer you will get a Referral box.
- Every 5 referred friends you will get another additional Referral box.
- Every 10 referred friends you will get 2 additional Referral box. (doesn't stack with the each 5 one)
- After reaching 30 referred friends (will someone ever make that?) you will get 2 Referral box instead of 1 for each invited friend + the bonuses of each 5/10.
- An email notification will be sent informing you about this.

If your friend donates you earn too!

- Every 15 points your referred friend donates you will get 1 free premium point.
- If your friend donates for less than 15 points, dont worry there is still a chance for you.
* Eg: If your friend donates to get 10 points you wont get any point BUT if in the future your friend donates (example) for 20 points more then you will get 2 points (10 + 20 => 30 / 15 => 2)
- You will get an email notification if you receive free points from the referral system.

- Zaypay donations doesn't count on the referral system.

Help and motivate your friend to level up!

- If your friend reaches level 60 you will get 1 Referral box.
- If your friend reaches level 100 you will get 3 Referral box.
- If your friend reaches level 140 you will get 6 Referral box.

The referral boxes can give you a random item, some of them: valuable, decorations, consumables, pokeballs, evolution items, etc
Of course the really valuable items have a very low chance of being droped by the box.

In theory the Referral boxes and Facebook bags are the same, but the main difference is that Referral boxes contains more valuable items and with a better chance.

You can check your referrals and manage your boxes in:


Boxes will be sent to your character next time you login ingame.

NOTE: Players to be found abusing the systems (refering yourself, making multiple accounts just to share) will be punished!
NOTE: Facebook bags and Referral boxes are already avaliable ingame but they haven't been enabled yet, they will be enabled during a mini update tomorrow 29/07/2015!
Hello everyone!
It's time to show You results of our drawing contest.

Check them out:

First Place!

Second Place!

Third Place!

Thank You for these drawings,
rewards will be sent in 48-72h,
I hope You enjoyed.

PA Staff
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Hi guys, we have always use our forum to inform our players about the news and changes in every update, but a big part of our community does not visit/read the forum often and are always uninformed, as is becoming a need to keep our players informed in time I have added two new sections in our website: "News" and "Changelog" the information displayed in these sections is taken directly from forum in real time, remember to check it often if you dont visit the forum to keep yourself informed about the incoming changes, is it your responsibility, you have no excuse now!

Direct links:



Hi everyone! We would like to invite You all to patricipate in our new Drawing Contest!

- What do I have to do?
-It's simple
* Draw as best picture as you can
* Sign the picture with your character name
* Take photo of picture or scan it and post in this thread

- Are there any rules?
-Yes, here they are
* The draw must include Pokemon that exist in Padventures with an addont that you would like to see in game.
* Only real pictures are allowed, computer ones will not count, that does include coloring in any kind of graphic program. (means u can't do a sketch, then color it in paint or something)
* Sign with your character name on the draw is REQUIRED. Without this, the picture will be disqualified.
* We're not going to tolarate fake pictures, if we'll find out that you have posted draw from google or somewhere else, you may end up with banishment.
* You can post max 2 pictures. Next ones will not count.
* Thread will be closed on 22.07.2015

-Now, tell me about rewards
-There are rewards for 3 best drawings only. You should make something great to get them. Check them out:
1st place - Season Box + Random Pokemon Toy
2nd place - TM Case 8 + Random Pokemon Trophy
3rd place - TM Case 4 + Random Pokemon Bag

- What will You judge?
-Our Jury will mostly look at:
* Idea
* Coloring / Inking
* Effort

Good Luck!

PA Staff

Please, limit yourself to post pictures, or ask anything, if you have doubts. Any other posts will be removed.
Hi guys with this update Ditto system have been improved, normal transform is still avaliable but now you can start a new quest line to enable a different system, "Ditto memory system".

- If you unlock atleast one memory slot you will lose the ability to use normal transform.
- Memory slot transformation will last 3 hours.
- During memory slot transformation you can use ride, fly, surf, teleport, etc; all abilities from the copied Pokemon are avaliable.
- When you enable memory slot transformation, 2 random TMs are assigned to your Ditto during the transformation duration.
- You can store a maximum of 3 memory slots.
- You need a memory card (*) every time you want to "enable a memory slot transformation" or "add to memory" a Pokemon.
- Not every Pokemon ingame is avaliable for transform!
- Professor Oak has a new quest line to unlock memory slots

- Memory slots are character binded!

Changes applied to TRANSFORM IN GENERAL
- Ditto now copies target Pokemon element.
- Ditto now copies target speed.
- Ditto now copies target HP -10%
- Ditto now copies target spell damages -10%

(*) You can make them in workshops.


Workshops interface have been implemented, to make useful products.

Some products have a daily limit.

To make a product you are offered 3 different random tasks, you should take one and then report it.

You can always report or delete an active task.

You can check your active missions anywhere.

More products will be added in future server updates.

Hello guys,
We would like to invite you to participate in our mini contest. There will be no big rewards, just house decorations, maybe once or twice something like a cloned ticket or pokemon addon.
Well, generally saying, this contest is mostly intended to players who love to decorate their houses and who want to get something new, before it will be added for everyone.

Rules are quite simple I guess. We will be posting here a little picture of some place, what you have to do, is go there and take picture in the same place with your character + position on it. Remember, that pictures without positions will not be considered.

First person who posts correct picture will win a mini reward (we will post them together with the picture).

Else, we may ask you to find a place giving you a position, so you will have to go there, and take a picture.

We will be posting them 3-4 times a day for whole week, that means from 1.07 until 8.07. One person can win twice.

Round 1:
Reward: 3x Tapestry + Ponyta Toy

Place 1:

Round 2.

Reward: 3x night tapestries + machamp trophy


Round 3
Reward: 3x Purple tapestry + Rhyhorn Toy


Round 4

Rewards: 3x red pokeball tapestry + Steelix Toy


Round 5

Rewards: 3x Ocean Tapestry + Lucario Toy


Round 6

Rewards: Purple/Red Trainer Tapestry, Pikachu Tapestry + Scizor Toy


Round 7

Candy Tapestries + TM Mud Bomb


Round 8

Rewards: 3 tapestries + TM Last Resort

Party duels have been implemented, duel invite window have been reworked in client to match changes made in server and to give it a better look.

- You can only apply to a party duel if your party and the enemy party has exactly 2 members. Edited
- You can only apply to a party duel if both parties have the same number of members and a maximum of 5 members.
- Maximum party duel possible is 5v5 (party members) [repeating just to make clear previous point]
- First team to kill every enemy Pokemon wins
- Players who runs of "duel score" cant release more Pokemon even if he still is carrying more, but wont be out of duel till the winner party is decided.
- Special conditions needs to be meet in the area around the duelist in order for the duel to start (pretty similar to normal duel).
- Consider that the duel area is smaller than normal duel area (1 row less at south side)
- The duel area is the same as the area for a 1v1 duel.
- Party members will have their camera centered in the pary leader so everyone can see the duel area.
- Party leaders will always be placed at center of their side of the duel area.
- Players and their Pokemons will have their names marked with different colors to make it easier to spot enemies, these colors will be red and blue.

* Edits 19/06/2015 - Duel system remake v3
- Players will have their Pokemon healed automatically once duel finishes if they are in the pvp area.
Hello once again.
To make it easier and more organized, we are creating this thread to everyone who is going to fight in Bracket A next weekend.
So, no matter if you joined the old list already or not, if you want to join next weekend, you have to write your name here again.

As we said before, only new joiners will have to pay their fee. If you already paid it last weekend there will be 6 diamonds back to you so you can join again.

We ask you for the same info as before:

If you want to join, post the following informations:
* Character Name
* World
* Category (A)
* Nationality

To who doesn't know the rewards yet:

Category A Pokemons with level 0-130
1st place - Playstation 4

2nd place - - Cloned Box + - TM Case 8

3rd place - - Hoenn Box + - TM Case 6

You have until midnight of 19/06 to join it.
Good luck and have fun guys.

All characters from tournament server have been removed, 6 diamonds have been sent to people who joined bracket A and they can rejoin now
* You will get the diamonds on your first login
Hi guys, forum have been moved to a different host, old forum urls will redirect to the new host, there may be broken links to forum threads/posts.