[FONT=palatino linotype]Big Snorlax heard that delicious desserts are made on St. Valentine, and he turned red of the excitement...
Help him eat all the sweets you can get in order to exchange them for Crimson Roses!
Random pink Pokémon appear around the cities that can loot you ingredients to cook these delights.
Cheflax on PVP can help you cook the desserts if you bring him the ingredients.
Valentina likes these new roses so much and she will trade them for rewards.

If you and your sweetheart have decided to tie the knot, you can choose to get married by one of the Ursaring reverends at the churches in Celadon, Azalea or Rustboro. Note, you cannot transfer a married character to another game world. So if you want to move, you will have to get divorced first.

For the wedding ceremony, you will need two rings and wedding outfits. Teddiuruby in Slateport sells gorgeous wedding dresses and wedding suits. To make sure that your sweetheart does not see the outfit beforehand, you will receive it in a special box. Wedding rings can either be forged by Teddiuruby or obtained as reward on this year's Valentine event.

Once you have the wedding outfit boxes and the rings, you can hand them over to the reverend of your choice and start the ceremony. Both of you will be asked to state the name of the person your heart belongs to. Your wedding vows will be seen by all guests. Both of you will receive an engraved wedding ring with both names and the date of the marriage. The name of your spouse will also be displayed on your character page once you are married. From now on, you can also wear your wedding outfit whenever you like provided you are still married.

After your marriage, you will be able to go on your honeymoon. Yandira in Celadon Beach will ship newlyweds to the honeymoon island Luname.

You can divorce your partner, even if he or she does not agree. All you have to do is find Ursaddict in Olivine. For an amount of cash, he will make you a free man or woman again. Your broken marriage will be symbolised by your broken wedding ring.

Hi guys,
We'll enable Valentine Promotion from Feb 10 till Feb 15. During this time you can get 50% more points.
That applies for every donation method except Zaypay.

[FONT=Palatino Linotype]
Hi everyone! We would like to invite You all to patricipate in our new Valentine Drawing Contest!

- What do I have to do?
-It's simple
* Draw as best picture as you can
* Sign the picture with your character name
* Take photo of picture or scan it and post in this thread

- Are there any rules?
-Yes, here they are:
* Drawing subject: Valentine Pokemon picture
* The draw cannot be out of topic.
* Only real pictures are allowed, computer ones will not count, that does include coloring in any kind of graphic program. (means u can't do a sketch, then color it in paint or something)
* Sign with your character name on the draw is REQUIRED. Without this, the picture will be disqualified.
* We're not going to tolarate fake pictures, if we'll find out that you have posted draw from google or somewhere else, you may end up with banishment, that includes the idea.
* You can post max 3 pictures. Next ones will not count.
* Thread will be closed on 16/02/2016

- Rewards:
There are rewards for 3 best drawings only. You should make something great to get them. Check them out:

1st place:
+ + + +

2nd place:
+ + +

3rd place:
+ + +

- What will You judge?
-Our Jury will mostly look at:
* Idea
* Coloring / Inking
* Effort

Public Vote Reward:
[public vote will be done at 16/02/2016]

+ + + +

[FONT=Impact]Good Luck![/FONT]

PA Staff

Hello guys. We are going to organize PA Tournament 2016. Please, think twice before signing up




*Diamond [stage C and B]: 20/02/2016, 20:00 GMT+1
*Diamond [stage A]: 21/02/2016, 20:00 GMT+1

*Pearl [stage C and B]: 27/02/2016, 20:00 GMT+1
*Pearl [stage A]: 28/02/2016, 20:00 GMT+1

*Platinum [stage C and B]: 27/02/2016, 20:00 GMT+1
*Platinum [stage A]: 28/02/2016, 20:00 GMT+1

- You can use any pokemon you want. Generally there are no limits, with one exception - pokemon cannot be repeated, that means you can't use 2 cloned arcanines or arcanine + cloned arcanine etc.
- Berries and flutes are allowed
- Pokemons cannot be shared between participants. Remember, that pokemons have their serials, it's easy to find it out.
- You can sign up with only one character
- If you will be offline while it is your turn to duel, you are going to be disqualified.
- Duels will be 4vs4
- semi finals and finals 6vs6

- If some stage won't have min. 15 players signed up, it will be canceled.
- If less than 10 players will be online, stage will be canceled.
- Rebalance changes will be applied until 10/02. That means some pokemons might change yet, but it will not happen after this day
- Reward list is not going to be changed
- Season box rewards have been changed: http://padventures.org/index.php/p/v/gui_box
- Bracket A 3rd place can choose 1 elemental box: Cold / Fire / Leaf
- Bracket B 3rd place can choose 1 elemental box: Cute / Scary / Dust / Aero

- Stage A = 0-130 lvl
- Stage B = 0-110 lvl
- Stage C = 0-80 lvl

- Signing up will be closed at 16/02
- If you have any question, you can ask in this thread. Signing up here is forbidden and will be ignored
Hi guys, this update will require you to redownload the client from our website, THE OLD UPDATER VERSION IS DEPRECATED.


This update includes:
- Sprite update
- Fixes in Hoenn corpses
- Compatibility for event Pokemon
- The new updater version -> old updater is deprecated

Current client version is: 9.4
Current updater version is: "PA Modern updater version 7"
If you want to participate

- post your nickname and world
- price

House is in Slateport city.
Starting price: 1k