celebihype Christmas donation promotion celebicelebrate

rowletgasp We've enabled donation promotion in which you can get +50% more points rowletgasp

shaymingift Additionally you can send christmas gift for your friend using command !gift shaymingift
it costs 20 points

box contains 1 of the following;
pokemon: Eiscue lvl 50
pokemon2: Shiny Eiscue lvl 50
Christmas Vulpix Statue
Christmas Chikorita Statue Christmas Outfit Ticket - giving random old christmas outfit (from 2010-2019)
Christmas Oddish and Mankey
Hazelnut Rare Candy - gives 25% exp to pokemon above 100 lvl
Coconut Rare Candy - gives 40% exp to pokemon above lvl 100
Raspberry are Candy - gives 60% exp to pokemon above lvl 100
Pinapple Rare Candy - gives 8% exp to pokemon above lvl 100
Christmas Bulbasaur Doll
Christmas Squirtle Doll
Christmas Popplio Doll
Christmas Pichu Doll
Christmas Charmander Doll
Christmas Cloned Venusaur
Christmas Venusaur
TM Case 1
TM Case 2
TM Case 3
TM Case 5
Tm Case 6
TM Case 7
Tm Case 9
TM Case 10
TM Case 11-18
150 empty premier ball
150 empty epic ball
150 empty mythic ball
mewtwo's island ticket
addon backpack
addon bag
kanto box 3
johto box 3
hoenn box 3
Ice Stone
Ice Stone

for now candies & ticket don't work (update required)

This year there will be 4 npcs giving missions + additional tasks. You choose which npc you wanna help first and you choose either you wanna help him or not. Every mission gives points, so if you want to get main reward, you just need to collect the basic ammount of points doing any mission you want. The more you do, the more you get.

Christmas Bakery
Elves are sick and there's lack of hands for gingerbreads bakery. Government of Celadon decided to make small party. Do what you can in order not to fail!

Most of ingredients are placed in kitchen already. Some of them must be obtained by you. For example

Flour. You can use straw on mill in order to get it.
Pineapple is lootable
blueberries are lootable
raspberries can be harvested from certain bush
Honey - You got to pick an empty jar from the kitchen and use it on a wild combee

You can start this mission on Elf Island to the east from Pallet Town. You are allowed to use max 2 characters PER person.

Other missions will be announced later.

Main Rewards;




Exact points requirements we will give in Sunday.

From other rewards you can expect: Christmas cards, random helds, random tms, tickets, boxes, decos, christmas outfit etc.

Main reward (pokemon) will probably require 3 to 5k points.

Additionaly we have enabled rates boost for;
pokemon exp
rapid shiny spawn

This year has been tough for the most of the world. We had to adjust to the "new normal", new rules. Our freedom has been somehow limited.

We hope, that this Christmas will be special for you, that you will spend them with your family and enjoy a little bit more, than usual, even if the situation is still bad.
Love everyday, be thankful, don't see fails and downs. See the lessons. Don't see problems but see opportunities. Don't be toxic to one another but get to know each other better.

We wish you a Wonderful Christmas. May the next one be better though.

Hello Players!
In this thread we are going to select

For Diamond:

* 1 Tutor for Spanish channel
* 1 Tutor for Portuguese channel

Do you want to become one?
It’s your chance! Just sign up here!

what???? Keep in mind that there are some requirements, though. what????
• Be an active and helpful player.
• Have good English.
• Know and follow all Rules.
• Have the desire to help players and the community.
• Have good behaviour. This includes all things like scamming.
• Players with newly created account on forum will not be considered

Don't sign up here unless you can satisfy the position!

To sign up, fill the following form and post it here. Posts that don't follow the form will be deleted without warning, aswell comments. If you have questions, you can send me a private message in forums or contact me in game.

[QUOTE]Character name:
Why do you want to be a tutor:

ATTENTION: we reserve the right to DENY ANY PLAYER that we judge as not capable for a tutor position due to bad behavior, bad historic or inactivity.

The topic will remain open for 7 days from now.

Any post non related to the main reason of this thread will be deleted.

Hello guys,
We have just applied 1st part of the event. We are celebrating 10th PA Birthday. However Team Rocket wants celebration of Jessie's birthday to be bigger. Meowth has a plan for it! He just wants to destroy our party by popping off our balloons! This is global event!

Talk to npc Anetta in Celadon. Find all of the balloons and remember their positions well. From time to time Meowth will appear to pop them off. Your point is to prevent it.

Once Meowth appeares near some balloons there will be a warning on special channel, that you should keep open. You'll have 3 minutes to find where it is and defeat him.

In case, if you don't do it on time, don't worry! you can still fix balloons, but you will need the following items:
• 1x cone
• 1x exeggutor’s leg
• 1x pot of bug moss
• 1x rainbow powder

If 25/100 balloons are popped, server fails Remember that you have only 1 hour to fix popped balloon.

Hello guys,
From 03/12 until 10/12 we'll enable birthday donation promo in which you'll be able to get +50% points more. Players that donate for 30 points or more will receive premium access ticket for new spawn (read below) surprisedditto

Else, for a limited time, we'll add to shop the following:
- Retro Tibia Outfits ( https://i.imgur.com/fKSX0K3.png ) for 20 points
- Cake Box with random piece of cake for 30 points (each piece of cake gives different effect)

From 04/12 Friday until 06/12 Sunday we'll enable global birthday event in which you will have to collect ingredients for birthday cake (by defeating certain pokemons) and collecting materials to create and blow balloons. But that's not the end. Team Rocket will be celebrating Jessie's birthday and they cannot imagine, that our party could be bigger. Mean Meowth will appear from time to time to pop our balloons! You will have to prevent it. Meowth will also drop special ingredients.

During this weekend (yes only weekend) we'll enable shiny and catch boost + exp for pokemons. So while collecting ingredients, u can still exp :)

If server success:
Players that participated in event will receive access to a new spawn (it will exist only until mid january) with the following pokemons: (everything there will count for catch except for galarian forms unless it's final evolution like Sirfetch'd or Mr Rime)
- Milcery > Alcremie
- Sewaddle > Swadloon > Leavanny
- Minccino > Cinncino
- Heatmor
- Darumaka > Darmanitan
- Snom

premium access
- Galarian Darumaka
- Galarian Darmanitan
- Galarian Farfetch'd
- Stirfetch'd
- Galarian Ponyta
- Galar Rapidash
- Galar Weezing
- Galar Mr Mime
- Mr Rime
- Meltan
- Karrablast > Escavalier + shiny versions
- Frosmoth + shiny

Available cakes:
[SPOILER]- +1 stage to exp for players for 24 hours
- +1 stage to exp for pokemon for 60 hours
- +1 stage to loot for 72
- +50% catch rate for 12 hours
- + 25% catch for 24h
- + 75% catch rate for 6 hours
- +10% catch rate for cloned pokemons for 48 hours
- +20% catch rate for cloned pokemons for 24 hours
- +50% catch rate for cloned pokemons for 12 hours
- +100% catch rate for cloned pokemons for 5 hours
- Boost james bait to fish 2 or more pokemons with 15% instead of 5% for 24 hours
- Boosts jessie bait to fish between 20 and 35% for 24 hours
- Boosts jessie bait to fish by 50% for 3 hours
- Boosts jessie bait to fish by 80% for 1 hour
- Boosts meowth bait by 5% for 8 hours
- +10% catch rate for shinies for 10 hours
- +20% catch rate for shinies for 3 hours
- Boosts catch rate in general by 25% for 24 hours
- +10% catch rate for ultra beasts for 24 hours
- +50% catch rate for ultra beasts for 6 hours
- 100% catch rate for ultra beasts for 2 hours
- Decreases cooldown for fishing by 30% for 20 hours
- Decreases cooldown for fishing by 10% for 48 hours
- Decreases cooldown for fishing by 50% for 5 hours
- Boosts catch rate of rare pokemons by 10% (tapus, crystal, red) for 12 hours (NO ELDER)
- Gives 30% higher jackpot in casino for 24h

Hello guys,
In Friday 30/10 we'll enable Halloween event it will last untill 15/11

Else from 30/10 untill 06/11 we'll enable Donation Promotion.
During this time you will receive 50% more points.
Every, person that will donate for 30+ (base) points will receive lottery ticket.

During this time there will be also:
- boost exp for characters
- boost exp for pokemons
- boosted shiny spawn
- boost for catch
- boost for loot

Hello guys, we'd like to announce special, halloween tournament that will take a place in Saturday 31/10/2020 at 19:00 GMT + 1

Price to enter into tournament world is 1 diamond.

- Shiny pokemons are not allowed X
- Mega pokemons are not allowed X
- Special pokemons (tapus, crystal onix, big onix, red gyarados, champion primeape, beasts, Ash Greninja, Pikachu cosplays) are not allowed X
- Charms and held items are not allowed X
- Flutes & berries are allowed
- You need to carry your own Pokemons
- It is allowed to take only 6 pokemons
- It is not allowed to share pokemons, give them away or sell on tournament server X
- Duels are 1vs1
- Shedinja is not allowed
- Only 1 pokemon with hold back or baton pass is allowed. If you used baton pass earlier and later your pokemon get access to it by skill swap, false swipe or wish, you cannot use it. The only exception comes with spells like mind reader as you have no control on what is going to be used.
- Double group eliminations as well as double eliminations in final stage
- It is not allowed to repeat the same pokemons, for example 2x arcanine or arcanine + cloned arcanine X
- Battle mode is not allowed (if you are curious why... dash setting affects battle mode, so pokemons are faster there) X
- You can sign up with only 1 character
- Your character must be minimum of level 120.
- Smeargle is not allowed X
- you have to sign up here in this thread, until 31.10.

1st place: Ash Greninja or shiny box (player's choice), TM Case, Statue, Addon Bag, 60 days of premium, 20 creepy eyes
2nd place: Pikachu Cosplay, TM Case, Statue, Addon Bag, 30 days of premium, 15 creepy eyes
3rd place: Box 4, TM Case, Statue, 14 days of premium, 12 creepy eyes

For every participant: 3 creepy eyes
For winning 1 match: 3 creepy eyes + 1 rare candy
For advancing from the group: 5 creepy eyes + 1 rare candy
For advancing to 2nd round of final stage: 7 creepy eyes + 2 rare candies + 3 days of premium
For advancing to 3rd round of final stage: 8 creepy eyes + 2 rare candies + 5 days of premium
for advancing to 4th round (semi finals) of final stage: 10 creepy eyes + 4 rare candies + 7 days of premium + 5k of money

Rewards for advancements don't accumulate!

From this Friday 09/10 until 05/11 we'll be doing creepy raids. Smaller and also bigger ones, from which you can obtain creepy eyes:

You can use them to draw random reward from CMs. Full list will be posted in friday, it starts at decorations and ends on tm cases, boxes and helds.

Hello guys,
In Monday 14/09 we'll enable season event in which you will be able to obtain the following pokemon:
- Galarian Corsola -> Cursola
- Galarian Slowpoke -> Galarian Slowbro
- Galarian Zigzagoon -> Galarian Linoone -> Obstagoon

Additionaly we'll add side misson to obtain mega stone for Audino -> which will be limited to 5+ per server. You don't need to have Audino to make this mission. Season event will not be limited of course.

Else, from 14/09 until 21/09 we will enable donation promotion in which you will receive +50% points. Everyone who donates for 30 points (base) or more will get Audino.
During this time there will be also:
- boost exp for characters
- boost exp for pokemons
- boost for catch
- boost for loot

You can also expect new spawn for 230 lvl+ and spawns with old pokes from old events