Legends Never Die

Emesh is the sexiest beast alive

Owner: Prince Naseem
World: Diamond
Members: 20
Guildhall: None
Founded 2 years ago (February 13th, 2018)
Daneii179 Exidil155 (Neverlucky)
Prince Naseem135 (Hurricane Mastah)
Vice Leader
Eraser150 (noclonesforme)
Opehme168 (nohopeforme) Lelmygg164
Bialy Wilk158 (Pokeball Master) Waldus157
Sires152 (Russian Superman) Dnkboy149
Luian134 Chicken133
Mai Shiranue132 Sanka131
The veteran131 Sayaugsah117
Mercy117 Flameducks114
Cheaterka101 Arts53


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