Death and Decay

Another day you woke up with no hoes and Cpadde is still rich

Owner: Cpadde
World: Diamond
Members: 50
Guildhall: None
Founded 6 months ago (September 26th, 2017)
Cpadde185 (Super Cereal Sensei) [Clon] Cpadde185 (Super Cereal Sensei)
Haruky137 Daneii171
Lelmygg143 Ruizaoishere138 (looking for one k)
Bialy Wilk155 Dnkboy149 (End of Days)
Hally147 Shakka147
Shiny Pearl137 Luian134
Relic133 Kanixa132
Dave Straight129 Dutchess125
Mindzoorr123 Yairo123
Riggekebab115 Diamond Poke Trainer112
Greetje108 Black Corei107
Lemon Haze99 Dolce Gusto98
Kuadris92 Wieczny Duch82
Oseznoo81 Robic77
Cygson68 Yaramila67
Optimist66 Dodik Mile64
Zod63 Shakka Return61
Hustler59 Serenest56
Rayquazaboy56 Sep55
Lsdtrip52 Vivalamexico49
Billy Hatake Diamond40 Sheee39
Thug Spot34 Beta player33
Freaktastic30 Sucriilhosforeveer27
Molibden22 Insider Diamond20
Anoy Orange Diamond20 Haraa15


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