Dark Fear

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Owner: Ryogoku
World: Diamond
Members: 26
Guildhall: None
Founded 4 years ago (April 18th, 2015)
Mikasa Jeager71
Kioandemi73 Nicolaee67
Chica Rebelde65 Charless64
Dvnture54 Reymon50
Butcher Man46 (Pokemon killer) Emericela45
Mopzu41 Suraka40
Darion Maus39 Chikijam36
Smithfire29 Iusek28
Minda27 Quantoo27
Goge Revanger24 Anthrax Forever21
Pokemonkey20 Lucifrist20
Cococrisp20 Dwaygner17
Lasseternal14 Mistico12
Sexy Widow11


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