Pokemon League

GUILD OFFICIALY CLOSED >>>> If anyone is interested in reviving it, PM me on Discord server: karksiukas#7041 ~Kark | | | POKEMON LEAGUE, 2017 | | | Out of topic: P.S. If you see this, Silvester, write me on skype......

Guild owner: Karksiukas
Founded on Apr 14 2015

Total members: 36
Kanixa131 (The Arrow) Mindzoorr122
Shotgt108 (Deathkeeper) Spritez25 (Just Kitten)
Vice Master
Praefix122 (Prae The Fixer) Supernova92 (Invite Master)
Black Corei86 Bolting78
Mefistofel135 Rumrum131
Lelmygg125 Tazimierz116
Xensei116 Chrisdiana114
Ozkl101 Emperor Ecrode97
Kripparrian78 Rakhiel75
Kritterz75 Drofox72
Woodis64 Chris Brown62
Snowman Prophet61 Markydooda54
Buttercup54 Sithik50
Cannabino47 Suffix42
Biwaw38 Mrblue35
Aronni Amman32 Wasted28
Dodux17 Fat Boyzz16
Koss Narkille14


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