Grand Order

Welcome to the Grand Order. Make sure you read the rules!

Owner: Fallen Angel
World: Platinum
Members: 21
Guildhall: None
Founded 4 months ago (September 05th, 2020)
Fallen Angel310 (Diggy Diggy Hole)
Kreyex284 Sebolicious119
Wesker319 Jaraj316
Osiedlowy Trzepak316 Vaire306
Cricker268 Boky267
Poisonss227 Whaleman222
Ducks Football182 Adashino177
Vrax Kyrin174 Sera165
Giantmidget157 Jess154 (Poke Huntress)
Little Hermit139 Nie Jaraj82
One Winged Angel77 Super Cereal64


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